it’s 322am im pretty sure i know why im exhausted

today i published episode 107 of your favorite podcast

the guy i featured never told me if he liked it or hated it or what which is always disconcerting

but he didnt say TAKE IT DOWN so i guess thats nice

then i went and interviewed the most interesting man in his late 60s who is a novelist and TV writer who has a great Craftsman home. he grew up in South Central near Inglewood and achieved the American Dream.

he was so good but i feel like i didnt do the best job interviewing him.

then i got home and dilly dallied for my setlist work.

finally did what i needed to do but that took all night, ending at 3am.

and now im thinking about what i did the other day for Ambers sister, family and friends. i have all these pics. over 2,000.

problem is theyre very personal. many not appropriate for families. like her being cute in tiny boy shorts or topless or wearing sexy dresses. totally forgot how often she’d pose when id say holy shit what the hell are you wearing.

let the record state, we did not have a perfect relationship which is why we broke up 2x. but when we were together every day we did our best to make it work. knowing it was doomed. knowing there was an elephant in the room.

next to my resistance to commitment Mammoth.

we drove everryyyyyyywhere

pretty sure this is the Westside Pavillion roof right before it stopped being open to the public

we did this thing where id pose her looking out into the distance all alone

Date Night, she’d caption it.

so when we saw this totally barren parking lot i said run out there, sit down, and lets do a Date Night.

and i know i still sorta have it and i could probably get a girlfriend again but i wonder if the next one will be as open to pose for silly pics and

love me.

or just want me for my 1 pack abs.