because sometimes you meet people and they are even better

they say dont meet your idols

i sat backstage with my favorite band the replacements when i was in college

i got to meet elvis costello that one time in frisco

and then of course now i work in the land of stars

and there are these screenings where they talk afterwards

at the times i had kareem abdul jabbar as one of our bloggers.

the thing about your heroes or my heroes or stars or people you look up to is

they might have a bad day the day you meet them

or they might be in the best mood in the world and have always wanted to meet you.

its a roll of the dice and if things dont mesh for that instant

that doesnt mean that theyre terrible people.

i took a job in frisco, working for the giants selling peanuts and beer

for the sole reason to discover if Barry Bonds was an asshole or not.

in many ways i am a scientist.

and the message i have for you is this

meet everyone.