i never really thought id ever feel more love

for a foreign land than for the USA

and maybe its harder for some to love the US after the last 7 years of whatever this is

but a few years ago i drove around my home and native land, and that made me feel good about the People of the US, and its something i recommend everyone do at least once in their life.

see it for yourself.


canada truly rules so much that even though i have an hour to kill before my limo takes me to the airport, i think im just gonna go hang out at the hottub than go through a photo essay recap of this week, cuz i dont wanna go home.

even though im totally ready to rock my new job

and see my friends there

and enjoy the mild southern cal temperatures.

yesterday i sloshed thru slush, ate ribs and chicken, made out with a pretty girl who said i have the best lines, watched tons of hockey, and later shared a quick drink with two dudes who i have so much love and respect for

if theres ever a draft, im so here.

a fuckit, heres some pics


new years eve:

au revoir, mes amis!