heres a secret: there are some great restaurants in hollywood


i dont know why ali and i would call Jitlada

Breakup Thai

but i think at some point we realized it was so good that even if we broke up with someone, they wouldn’t mind because the food was delicious.

mark johnson and his wife were in town and they invited os and i to break some bread with them

plus i owed him some cash that i thought id have by now – and dont –

and paid him anyways because im no rat.

and it was so incredible this food

we asked for a medium sized three flavored fish and they gave us a large because theyre lovely people too

Jazz came out and introduced herself to everyone

i told her she was so good in the jenn harris video right around the time her dear brother died

she said jenn was with her that whole time

jenn is a food writer of the la times and her mentor jonathan gold loved jitlada

i mean breakup thai too.

so much

afterwards we had drinks at Ye Rustic like in olden times

super beautiful waitress served me double baileys

os ordered cheescake

i asked the waitress where she was from and she said

schaumburg, illinois

i said lets make out at woodfield

she said meet you in front of the Claires


got to see a bunch of friends tonight

it was super nice.

as always a lot of their kids were there, which is beautiful.

the kids are mostly in high school now, a few are younger, one is in college

but together they are their own adorable mini extended family.

for the most part the adults were outside in the cold around the fire pit while the kids were inside playing video games and yapping it up

they came outside when they got hungry.

while food was arranged, i asked a group of them if they were watching Euphoria

they lit UP, i asked some other questions and they were soooo into it.

none of the parents, my friends, had seen any of the show, they said they were scared.

i asked them which boys they thought were the hottest. i guessed. i was wrong.

then they all agreed the super soft spoken drug dealer was their fave

not the pretty boy.

i thought that was unusual and honorable.

they didnt like the pretty boy because he was a druggie who cheated on zendaya.

wow. good for these kids!

my friends called me the Teen Whisperer and suggested i do a podcast called

Tony Talks to Teens.

i said, do teens wanna be called teens? and also, isnt that creepy if a guy like me had a show like that?

so they said Tony Talks With People.

perhaps they are not aware I HAVE A PODCAST WHERE I DO THAT

but they were complimenting me, so thank you.

but for me the best part was when i revealed i didnt know any of the kids’ names

the kids were shocked, insulted, not sure if i was kidding.

they grilled me hard. it was so funny.

but i kept saying, no of course i dont know your name. i barely know which ones of you belong to my friends.

it was shocking to them.

hilarious to me a bit.

and the best part of the night.

my lack of motivation is starting to worry me

the cats woke me up early today so i had to get up and put Michael into Laundry Room time out

it’s the only humane way i know to express my displeasure with the scratching of the door

sure theyre hungry, but either learn to use Door Dash or wait until I wake

i do wake every day. just wait. the food will be delivered.

in a way it’s actually good when they wake me early because that stops me from sleeping until 2pm.

but dont tell them this.

as soon as i wake i walk outside, look at the sun, inspect the parking in the street, judge people who park, and talk to the security across the street if theyre around.

today they were around.

it was a nice talk.

“rooting for the rams, tony?”

ah hellllll naw.

my neighbor who’s a nurse arrived while i was out there in my robe talking to the guards.

turned out she saved her BFs life by nagging him into getting vaxxed. months later he got covid but didnt die. he’s not grateful to her.

no one ever is.

last night i received a text message. a good friend wondered if i would do some freelancing for her company. we chatted for 45 minutes on the phone.

it was delightful.

you dont need millions of people to think you’re rad.

but it’s really nice when the ones who know you the best respect you enough to put their own reputation at work at risk to ask you to join forces.

and this job, as big or little as it may be or end up being, is right in my wheelhouse.

praise God.

maybe i was demotivated bc my body was all, fuck this shit im hibernating until Spring

my day was ruined because of a cancelation

there was a time i woulda blown my top about such a thing

but im so much older now.

water under the bridge man

then a delivery didnt happen.

also frustrating. because wtf.

but when you think about the grand scheme of things

the ballet that we are forever dancing with each other

a slam dance at times,

you realize we should celebrate all the times we actually do connect

we should marvel when souls really do meet

because we do

the mom of a dear friend died

we talked about it today

and it put things in perspective.

most dudes have a hard time talking about things like this

especially some of the xbi dudes i hang out with

our i-aint-got-no-feelings-man facade is what gets us through the day

but sometimes we forget to trust each other

and just let the guard down a little

bc we bros, dude

i told him over and over, i am here for you

whatever you need, lemme know

but i dont even know if he would ask for anything even if i could ask.

a good friend who is a woman, however

straight up texted me and said

can you babysit tomorrow.


so that’ll be the first time ive done that

in maybe 40 years?

partied with friends twice in a week? thanks obama!

everyone brought their lookalikes to os and kims backyard.

i got there at 4 and didnt leave till 1.

justin ordered three of the largest pizzas LA makes.

so many of our friends were there which was funny because os and kim were out of town. only two used the pool even though we all had swim suits

i think we just wanted to say hi hi hi hi to each other and chat because we hadnt seen each other in literal years.

i tried to be funny and start a very dark game

because it was so odd that every single child that has come from our friends is just cooler and smarter and just like their parents

so i said, ok, now lets vote on who is the Worst kid our friends have made.

lots of laughter

i drank three beers.

didnt pee once

hung out with friends because they already had COVID and beat it

i wanted to hug them hello but they said, you better not

which is weird, shouldn’t we know by now if it’s ok?

and haven’t we been told that if you get it, that’s it, you can’t spread it any more?

it was nice though. friends. talking about new things, olden times. everything.

we drank water and ate guacamole.

chatted about sex drugs and rock music.

psychology, psychiatry, and the pros and cons of letting your cat be outdoor cats.

they live closer to coyotes than i do but they didnt seem all that scared for their feline

they were more worried that because i have so many more cars around me

and people

that my now 6(!) year old cats probably might not be able to make the adjustment to knowing that a car will run them over if they dont move, b, get out the way.

it all came about because i was explaining how uptight i get when i post pics of them and ppl call them fat.

all house cats are fat, one of my friends said

which makes sense, if you dont get any steps in of course youre not going to burn off your kibble.

finally they just told me something i have always known and usually live by

but for some reason when it comes to Prince & Michael i have a hard time with:

fuck what other ppl say

a lot of people were super nice to me today

carolyn and ben and A’magine and especially ken layne who talked to me for so long

im not a phone talker anymore but i had such a hard morning that i got on the horn and yapped

i needed, most of all, to know that i was not alone in this galaxy

which is funny because Ken is a UFO expert.

and during our epic convo he asked me if i had ever seen an alien

i had to admit that i had not, but i told him about an outer body experience i had

which he says counts but he was being generous.

sometimes i think the aliens arent going to be the space creatures we imagine

but people who vote by the millions for dudes who dont deserve their support

like how are so many poor people voting for republicans who dont give them covid checks?

are the poor aliens?

and you know, maybe the dems should just concede abortion if thats the only thing thats keeping people from voting for them

i know they got mad at obama for helping poor people have access to health care, but at this point why not try some tom foolery with abortion rights, federilly, and say its all states rights and if Arizona wants to say you cant have abortion there then we all chip in to fly women from AZ to CA to let them do with their bodies as they wish.

meanwhile after a while millions of people just have no more excuse to support a party that the klan supports.

are the klan aliens too?

wouldnt that be spectacular if they were?

it would make way better sense.

cuz right now why would a white guy *hate* black people? we are the victims. shouldnt it be the other way around? blacks worked free for 400 years, why hate us?

but if racists are aliens because in a galaxy far far away they got their ass beat by a planet of black folks who were mean to them, then yes i could understand. but this shit right here is confounding.

ken and i talk about once a year because hes not a phone talker much neither, same as ben

we’re just dudes who do our own thing and every blue moon

which today was

we’ll text first and say can i call you

and the other guy will say is everything ok?

and we’ll say, in this economy? ha!

and then we’ll blab for a couple hours and be grateful of long friendships built in mutual admiration and it would have been a great podcast but fuckit some things are just right the way they are.

it’ll be interesting to see how this day turns out

i have a life changing document i need to submit either today or tomorrow

id like to do it today because tomorrows ambers only day off for the week

and we are scheduled to hang out with my sister and her kids

it’s 244pm and i really should reread all 10 pages, cut it down 30% and shock the world.

then i need to mail an ebay sale i made.

youd think those two things could be done before 420 but i am sooooo bad at mailing things it’s nuts

and as for the life changing document, ive been procrastinating it this long

because i was waiting on something else to happen but who knows if that will ever happen

who knows about anything

which is why you really should take life into your own hands

be the captain of yr own destiny

and just do the things you wanna do

thats what my friends convinced me to do saturday night at 333am after the brothers steve show

and because my friends are the greatest, i think i may follow their advice