it’s hard not to take glee when bad things happen to bad ppl

but we make due.

a wild congressperson is being accused of being involved in teenage prostitutes

ironic because the loudest supporters of his party and cause have been on a years-long obsession with pediphilias and here one of their poster boys just might have gotten his hand caught in the cookie jar

i have a lot of things to ask God if He has time for me IF i make it to Heaven. one of them is how was i supposed to feel about this?

this guy was a man who didnt care that guns were killing kids, didnt care about the environment being in a crisis, didn’t care about the healthcare system, and proudly was the only person who voted against a human trafficking law.

my heart wants to celebrate his downfall but i dont think Jesus would approve.

cubs lost their home opener today. it was cold. bats were cold too.

not crazy about our new announcer Boog. he wants the NL to have the DH and thats a non starter for me. kick him out.

i cleaned my kitchen and bathroom, took two naps, then did the dishes.

been doing some freelance work for Sass but any time i finish it im exhausted bc i put my heart in it.

also the covid vaccine has worn me out.

i hope i get my energy back tomorrow.

today i learned the guy who covers the cubs likes the DH

can you imagine working for a big newspaper in Chicago,

sorta big, it’s the sun-times

and you get to go to the most beautiful park 100 times a year

and you are fundamentally against what makes the National League the National League?

to me that would be like being a bartender but not appreciating booze.

it’d be like saying you love women but would rather they be completely odorless

it’d be like being a librarian but you prefer the film adaptations.

we battled a little on twitter and he took offense when i told him that i was unfollowing him and then all of his fans piled on

and one by one i picked them off.

it was astounding how few of them really understood the nuance and truths about not just baseball

but strategy, pace, and how to score a run.

scoring runs, of course being the prime objective of baseball.

one guy told me that he liked the AL style that included the designated hitter because it sped up the games and created more runs.

i told him to find me the proof that the games were shorter in the AL than the NL

he conceded he was wrong.

so to reward him i showed him that the amount of runs scored in each league were virtually identical.

i even showed him a chart


more people defended the sun times reporter.

one guy asked me a ridiculous scenario where it was the first inning and the pitcher was due up, would i pinch hit? he said he would i said, “why? your team had batted around in the first. you’re doing great, why take out your pitcher for the hope of another hit even though the odds of a pinch hitter being successful is low?”

he was all, “well he has a better chance of a hit than a dumb pitcher!”

which is true but still inane. so i asked him about another scenario.

i said what would happen if its the bottom of the 7th, scoreless game, two no hitters until the Cubs #8 hitter smacks a double into the ivy.

one out, man on second, do you let your pitcher bat or do you yank him because now you have the best chance youve had all game to score… but if you yank him you are also pulling out a pitcher who is mesmerizing the opposite team?

he said, oh id let him bunt. its an obvious sacrifice bunt scenario.

i said is it? and i pulled out this Runs Expectancy chart like the nerd that i am that shows you have a .66 chance of scoring if you have a man on second with 1 out. but you only have a .35 chance of scoring if you have a runner on third with 2 outs.

so by bunting you are actually halving your chances, so you may as well let Kyle swing away and/or try to draw a walk… and make the pitcher waste valuable pitches.

all he could say was that the stats i provided were 5 years old (as if that matters) and any time he sees pitchers they stand there for three pitches and then walk to the bench.

it was then that i realized who i was talking with. and who this writer attracts. and that i was wasting my time with both of them and i should get back to actual work.

which i did

which i am nearly finished with.

which makes me very happy.

and tomorrow i will sell my OJ helmet.

to a very nice man who once used it in an art show.

and i will throw in an OJ football card.

everything must go.

im selling everything i own,

new year new you.

they dont want you to enjoy your weekend

5zNTgbti have a lot of things i have to write this weekend

a couple are for LAist, and one is to save college journalism.

theyre actually not that hard to do which is maybe why ive been dragging my feet on them.

procrastination is such an interesting phenomenon.

i wonder if it’s truly what separates us from apes.

do you think monkeys see a banana tree in the distance and say, yeah as soon as i watch this here sunset then i’ll monkey my way over there and eat some damn bananas?

i sure know with my cats if they see i forgot to tuck in the strings from my hoodie they waste no time leaping across the room to attack it.

and chew it. and get it stuck in their claws and slobber all over it.

but humans, we think of other, less important things to get in our way to achieving our goal.

i woke up sweating this morning which is something i used to do all the time when i was younger.and it sure is weird to have that happen in the winter with just one blanket and no hot babe next to me.

back when i was in frisco living with the truest i used to soak the bed with sweat all the time. poor girl. in the middle of the night she’d wake me up and id go get a towel and put it over my huge disgusting sweat spot and sometimes we even did a quick sheet swap. she was an angel about it and never complained. the problem back then was i was spooning her too much and all that body heat would cause it

or so i thought.

maybe invisible angels were in my bed last night, keeping me warm, telling me its gonna be all right, that no way would baseball be so stupid as to institute the DH in the national league.