OK Go can still make a damn good video


OK Go is one of the weirdest bands because they still not only make music videos but rely on them to get a big bounce when they drop new records.

In fact, I don’t think there’s an OK Go song that anyone knows that doesn’t have a well-choreographed and fascinating video to go along with it.

Today the quartet released “Upside Down & Inside Out” which finds the boys in an airplane that allows them the simulate zero gravity.

And for the first time they utilize dancers to help them assault the viewers’ senses.

ok go

For a band that has a long list of excellent music videos dating back to 2006, it’s a joy to say that this one might be their best.

todays music is trash and i feel bad for the kids

there are very few exceptions. this tune from Walk The Moon is one of them.

stupid name, stupid look, weird mix of The Edge and the Jackson 5 guitar riff

freaking synth solo near the end of the song

but ridiculously catchy.

the official video has over 160 million views, but none of their others come even close to that.

truly a one hit wonder, who could have easily come out with this and the video in the 80s

and had just as much success.

perhaps thats why this works so well: it’s an 80s song

todays music is doomed.

dont you love this song?

of course you do

there was a time when we all felt bulletproof.

no reason we should lose that feeling.

no reason we should go for the things we want.

some of us are afraid to even dream. afraid to even say what it is we want.

the Lord lets us sleep so many hours a night so we can dream.

so dream.

dig deep into your heart and discover exactly why youre here.

figure out all the things you want and its ok if they change every day,

every hour

every minute.

the world is yours. make it the way you want.

all of this is a beautiful canvas with hundreds of colors.

and if you wanna draw outside the lines, fine.

paint everywhere Except the canvas if you want.

only paint on the paint can.

but dream

Iron Maiden – The Number of the Beast

The Number of the Beast

Captiol Records, 1982

The Number of the Beast


I left alone, my mind was blank,

I needed time to think, to get the memories from my mind

What did I see? Can I believe?

That what I saw that night was real and not just fantasy

Just what I saw in my old dreams,

Were they reflections of my warped mind staring back at me

‘Cause in my dreams it’s always there,

The evil face that twists my mind and brings me to despair.


Night was black,

Was no use holding back,

‘Cause I just had to see

Was someone watching me

In the mist, Dark figures move and twist,

Was this all for real

Or some kind of hell

666 — the number of the beast

Hell and fire was spawned to be released

Torches blazed

And sacred chants were praised,

As they start to cry

Hands held to the sky

In the night,

The fires burning bright,

The ritual has begun,

Satan’s work is done

666 — the number of the beast

Sacrifice is going on tonight

(2:46-Solo: Dave Murray)

(3:15-Solo: Adrian Smith)

This can’t go on,

I must inform the law,

Can this still be real

Or some crazy dream?

But I feel drawn toward the evil chanting hordes,

Seem to mesmerize me, can’t avoid their eyes

666, the number of the beast

666, the one for you and me

I’m coming back, I will return,

And I’ll possess your body and I’ll make you burn

I have the fire, I have the force,

I have the power to make my evil take it’s course