dont you love this song?

of course you do

there was a time when we all felt bulletproof.

no reason we should lose that feeling.

no reason we should go for the things we want.

some of us are afraid to even dream. afraid to even say what it is we want.

the Lord lets us sleep so many hours a night so we can dream.

so dream.

dig deep into your heart and discover exactly why youre here.

figure out all the things you want and its ok if they change every day,

every hour

every minute.

the world is yours. make it the way you want.

all of this is a beautiful canvas with hundreds of colors.

and if you wanna draw outside the lines, fine.

paint everywhere Except the canvas if you want.

only paint on the paint can.

but dream

2 thoughts on “dont you love this song?

  1. as someone who has acheived a dream or two, i can assure you that life is just as fun once you figure it out because theres always a new dream around the corner

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