busblog on the road

10/1 drunk blogging in a new york barwatching the bears “im at alaphbet citu7sh. 7th and b. im watcing the bears with a bunch of bears fans whove movved here. i wanna move here. i saw one ugly chick if youre scoring at home and ivf youre scoring at home squeeze yr chicks ass for me.”

10/1 first time having sex in a public bathroom

10/2 video of a kid riding a skateboard while driving a minibike

10/3 interview with some groovy people in central park

10/3 made it to dc despite car problems

10/4 hanging out with my bro in dc

more proof that im totally insane

10/6 nashville: “the devil takes these road trips with me. hes a pretty good travel partner. he ties to make me fall asleep on the wheel. he spots out all the rednecks and white trash. he reminds me how easy it is to get laid and then makes all the girls i meet on the road married or dating or have terrible breath. last night we met a check out chick at the wall mart and he was all oh no you wont and i was all watch me fucker.

10/7 memphis tent revival video action

review of graceland

10/8 photos of the french quarter, memphis, and graceland

10/9 new orleans

10/10 interview with a teenage girl in new orleans

10/11 photo essay of new orleans on LAist

10/11 blogging from crawfish city for your ass

10/12 blogging from waco texas in a popeye’s about being in austin texas with dan sara and leah

10/13 on friday the thirteenth clipper girls cousin called me on my cell phone and totally was mean to me and said horrible things all while i was driving on the george bush freeway in texas ending in her hanging up on me and i will probably never talk to her again so fuck her

also a picture of elvis presleys teddy bear

10/14 from a really nice $55 motel in santa rosa new mexico not san rafael i was actually stoned when i wrote that off a joint i found in the bedspread. video interview with the seemingly perfect kristin pony from when i was in oklahoma that morning.

10/15 because a lot of hotel and motel owners read the busblog heres some tips i have for you

10/16 bored at the grand canyon. no wonder people do acid here.

10/17 video from glendale arizona as the chicago bears face the arizona cardinals on one of the greatest monday night football games of all time

10/18 but i left early because it was killing me to see them get slaughtered. meaning that when they suddenly made that miraculous comeback it was because of something that i had done, namely leave the game and sacrifice myself for the good of the city of chicago and bears fans everywhere.

10/18 a tiny college girl suckers me into getting a facebook deal

10/19 i drove home special to be able to see the pogues and they sucked

10/21 for the first time ever on the busblog i reveal my true age, 99

10/22 on my 100th birthday i post my second favorite page from stiff

10/23 clipper girl promises a great birthday gift and not only doesnt deliver but ditched me on my birthday and then called the next day and i will never probably ever talk to her ever again either so fuck her too.

10/26 not adjusting well to being off the road

10/29 i talk about a womans right to choose what happens in her womb and i get 56 comments

10/30 why abortion rights should go to sexually active girls and why they shouldnt need parental approval.

10/31 a review of the craziest month of the year

this is all iv gotta say

iv gotta boner the size of long island i dont knwo what the girls do to the bouys 9ut here but they dont finish the Job. thats all oi gotta say,. i dont know if im disgusting or what. of scrourse im disgusting., duh. but still you sohould finsih what youve stared. nbot that i deserve anythig but im just saying the chicks in La unstrdand that if you get naked and start doing shit then you fiunish shit.

i was in the

thats a good thing

we were wathicng the bears fucking dominate

we were trying to figure out who was left in the nfc who could ,make the bears fucking work for a win and we coulndtnt thin of anyone

then she said come with me

then she saidn hi heres my boobies

then she said hi im gonna do stuff to you

then she said omg

then i said ok im gonna barf jst turn yr head

\then she said how about i bring my bff over here

then i said fuck that how abot you sit on the sink and pull up your miniskirt fuck your friend
then she said you want me to fuck my friend then i said i dont wan tto hear abut your friend then she said but my friend is hot then i said everythingspoinning she could be the hottes thing ever fuck yr friend i wanna f one of your pussies then she said i only have one then i said not as far as i can seeee then she said pend over then i said i ant bending ove rfor anyone then she said dont you know who i am
then i said dont you know who iam
then i said not then she said no then we kiss and i almost barfed in her mouth
then we laughed and laughed then she said i love you whoever you ar then i said i love u too
then i said wait did i make out with your rooomate liek A FICKING HYUEAR AGO
\then she said idont know did u
then i said fuck if i know and babies her panties were ruffly and piunk and sweeet and i said i wish i could smell shit cuz i bet you smell good and she said i wish i could smmell but all i see is yr eyes and theyre killing me and i said please lets just hole ond to each other cuz im abo9ut to fall over
and she said fine with me
and then her shirt was off then people were banbging on the mens room door and she said dont worry my friens the owner of this club and i said wht am i doing in a clun and she said do you ha ve a rubbr

and i sai d how old ar eyou

and lemme tel you somethig my friends
and i will tell you this onec and only once