i like people who stand for things

people can be against things, that’s fine.

people can try to stop you from your dreams… cool

but those who will, say, starve themselves because their favorite TV show has been pulled off the air? now those are my people.

i had just stood in line at the Popeyes on Hollywood Blvd to get that spicy chicken sandwich. i had nothing else to do so i walked home instead of taking the subway – gotta get those steps.

as i approached Sunset and the Netflix HQ, i saw a woman who i had seen a few times earlier in the week.

she had her sign that said Save The OA

but while i was driving in the past i hadn’t noticed that in small print it said Hunger Strike.

this woman had not eaten in 5 days when i approached her and had the nice little chat in the video.

i love TV. theres three TVs in my 1BR apartment. but would i stop eating if one of them shut down?

no. does that make me a bad person?

and how horrible was i holding a bag of Popeyes chicken talking to a woman who only had drank water for nearly a week? im a monster.

and then i asked her which foods she missed.

that proves im terrible.

so i posted the first minute of this on my Instagram and tagged she and the other young lady who was protesting and it’s already the most popular video of the month on my IG.

i think i will start roaming around talking to more people.