once a year matt and emmauelle come to town for tacos

ben matt and busblog

and we eat them at Malo and drink the tasty margaritas and catch up and all is well

and in the morning i have a throbbing headache

and in the afternoon i want to die

but its worth it because all our friends are lovely like basart who took this pic

and ben who secretly paid the tab!

ben wondered if maybe this so called thing called Life could be a computer simulation

maybe we’re all droids

and as they were discussing the philosophy of Berkeley i said

i dont think this is a computer simulation. i dont think we are droids


when i first came to LA and first made out with this beautiful girl in the backseat of my grandmas cadillac

we were doing this and we were doing that

and i was thinking oh man im so lucky, look how beautiful this girl is, look how beautiful this view is, listen to how the radio station is stoking us with killer music

and then she said, tony, slap me, slap me right in the face

i said ?

she said, it’ll turn me so on

i said to the boys, aint no computer simulation i know of that would program a very sweet make out session that would climax, so to speak, in the pretty girl saying slap me and call me a ho

so screw you Bishop Berkeley