theres nothing i love better than to be proven correct

partly because we are constantly trying to make the correct decisions

and those are based on assumptions we are making that either patterns will continue

or a hiccup in the routine is due.

when it comes to social media i know exactly what something means

if a brand puts a warning on its facebook page, for example

it means the social media person has no clue what theyre doing

or it means their boss told them to do it because he has no clue what social is.

i’ll explain briefly what social media is: it is a street fight with no rules and invisible foes.

and lots of them.

so if you are, say, a social media omg director, and you tell people in the wide open public that

social media is hard

then the foes will know you dont know how to fight in this jungle

which means you will make all the rookie mistakes.

brands, btw, are not allowed to fight in public. its a bad look.

which is why great social media brands ninja that shit.



with no paper trail.

bro is just flailing, making a mess, banning and blocking furiously.

sometimes i forget im so much older than the kids

sometimes i forget that they didnt see the rise of all of this, first hand, in the front row.

so they are reacting

instead of directing.

sometimes i forget not everyone is in the jobs they are best suited for

and that can make them anxious and self conscious and riddled with imposter syndrome

and thats when i would say

life is so short.

if you are faking it, and you know you dont love your path, then change it.

do the thing that you arent a terrified phony at.

do the thing you omg love even if you cant be the director of it

even if you have to start all over again at the bottom.

bc i’ll tell you this, people at the bottom who love the thing, rocket to the top.

in college i was a fine sports editor

but i had an assistant who was great. maybe the best.

i stepped down for her because it was just so obvious.

she ended up being a pro journalist for decades and even a college journalism instructor for a bunch of time – because it was the thing she loved.

stop fucking around, do the thing you love, quit the thing you suck at.

throwing basic bitch links on basic bitch stories is not hard

neither is moderating a facebook thread.

go start your OF

i get so stuck sometimes

at first i thought it was distractions

and maybe it is

but it’s not the ones i thought

what if my biggest distractions are facebook and twitter and instagram and reddit and snapchat?

i always tell people that it if wasnt my job i would just huck my phone

or have phone office hours and then turn it off the rest of the day

but i read those things constantly because they are a constant source of joy and information

beauty and inspiration

ways to be wicked

and 65 new ways to be a damn good person.

even if the articles are bunk im looking at the design, the SEO, the graphics, the sound

when bono sang IM WIDE AWAKE i didnt understand at the time because it was the ’80s

but im so awake its scary.

how am i supposed to focus?

and you know maybe thats the podcast right there: an hour unedited

hit record, upload, move on to the next one.

i have zero interest or time to fix shit in post.

do you have any idea how many ideas i need to get out there?

and they keep coming.

i remember when robyn bell asked me if i would be interested in leaving the letters and science dept at UCSB and come over to the college of creative studies

and i asked, creativity, eh?

then i asked, do you think our creativity drains up after a while?

and she said, nope.

and she did not lie.

my favorite movie reviewer on YouTube for 2020 is Chris Stuckmann

Here he takes apart the new Wonder Woman movie in a thoughtful, careful, thorough manner.

i suppose it’s why he has over 1.8 million subscribers.

1.8 million subscribers is quadruple what the LA Times’ youtube channel currently has.

the LA Times has a staff of talented, award-winning, super-connected journalists photographers and video experts

and yet one guy in his spare room,

wearing a Blockbuster Video t-shirt laps them.


are they doing everything wrong?

are they not putting their right people in front of the camera?

despite all the “young” people they’ve hired in digital, do they still not get it?

i think the main problem is the Times isn’t really used to paying attention to the audience.

Few newspapers are used to doing that.

Also: audiences change what they want.


theres this thing in the bleachers at wrigley field

what you do is you keep your cup of beer after you drink it and stack the empties as the game goes on.

eventually you might have this long snake of cups at the end of the game if you… have a close relationship with drinking.

so shout out to the Cubs social media dept for this Elf on the Shelf tribute to bleacher bums.

of which i am one. even though two old styles is all i need out there.

amber and i have the most interesting relationship. many people probably think that it revolves around my hot bod and fancy clothes.

while that may have been true at the beginning, her home cooking has been responsible for me gaining a few but she doesnt mind. far as i can tell.

but because she doesnt drink, i stopped drinking too. not that it was ever that big of a part of my life but ive maybe had four beers all year? it almost seems impossible for a man who loves Isla Vista, Hollywood and the Bleachers so much.

i hear some say that they are happy that UCSB isn’t really a party school any more. but i would disagree. i think it’s good to discover your tolerance at that age. i think it’s great to see that The Guy who can drink the most isn’t really the achievement we think it is as we’re doing that beer bong.

although i gotta say, when i was driving Uber and this Korean CEO told me that heavy drinking is part of the biz culture there, it was a little shocking.

like logically what does it prove if the CEO of Hyundai can drink a giant pitcher of a gross assortment of spirits? and how is it disgraceful if the CEO of Samsung can’t? am i really that much of a hippy dip idealist that all i care about are the quality of the crap and its price?

tell me a good story.

tell me about the hardest you ever fell in love.

blow my mind with some truism you got from a fortune cookie.

i went to a college where they were snorting ether off dirty rags and then playing Defender and Ms Pacman side by side and switching machines after each time they died. who cares how much Jager you can pound.

tell me something cool.

she me something beautiful.

sing me a song on a broken piano in the back where the kegs are.

drinking is fine, but it’s the set up, not the tale.

dear people of a certain age

A year ago today I was super frustrated trying to get a job in Social Media. I had a pretty good track record. Just about every place I was allowed to be free saw a giant uptick in all of the metrics any boss cared about.

But for some reason I couldn’t get a job interview to save my life.

Was it because I was 2x the age of the others who were applying for the job?

Were these hiring managers fearful that I would demand a giant salary? Were they nervous that I would quickly demand my boss’s job?

One guy said, “Tony, hiring the Social Media Person is the one chance men have a great excuse to get a smoking hot recent college grad into the office. You lost them at Tony.”

Could that be true? Who knows. But it was depressing.

When did being experienced, thinking outside the box, using creativity, being courageous, and learning how to adjust in an ever-changing career raise so many red flags?

And when will companies and organizations realize that giving the most junior staffers the biggest microphones is borderline crazy? And worse: sending out messages through social via a committee of senior managers with zero experience in social media almost always comes across as soulless and stale?Thus useless.

Fortunately Sophia Kercher a fellow graduate of the Robyn Bell school of Fuck Yeah invited me to a Los Angeleno party at a former strip club where I was introduced to the incredible staff and publisher, and things so far have been a smashing success.

Not only do I get to write what I want but I handle our Twitter and Facebook.

Last week I posted something on Facebook that reached 8 million people,  tripled our followers, and boosted our newsletter subscribers.

While at the Academy I increased followers by 4,000% but I only had 2 or 3 FB posts that did over 5 million. One was about Titanic, and one was the Genie Yr Free. I think the whole time I was there just two Oscar night items ever got 5 million reach and that was when Leo finally won and the final video of Moonlight winning.

But we had the advantage of having 1-2 million followers at the Oscars.

8 million reach from an audience of a couple thousand, during a pandemic when allegedly no one is in front of their computers like they typically are, is a damn miracle.

Age means nothing in social media.

I’ve seen high schoolers do incredible things and hopefully I’ve shown that 50somethings can still run circles around recent college grads with all of their theories.

We should all be so lucky to be blessed with bosses who will allow us the freedom to succeed in bigger ways than we could ever imagine.

I’m very grateful to Lauren, the publisher of Los Angeleno, for letting me do my thing when others wouldn’t even pick up the phone.

Today in Corporate Tweeting: SoulCycle

A pinned tweet is one that you want to stay up top so that every visitor sees it first when they click your username.

A Ratio is when you get fewer likes than comments. This typically happens when the audience is ripping you a new one in disagreement with your tweet. 

Therefore, should you pin a tweet you’re getting hammered on? Isn’t that defeating the purpose of your “nah bro, everything’s cool” message… because the Ratio is proving that everything is clearly not cool and you didn’t put out the fire – you enflamed it?

The reason, by the way, that this tweet is getting demolished is bc it’s being accused as being untrue.

The billionaire hosting the Trump2020 fundraiser is not a “a passive investor,” according to NYT columnist and CNBC Squawk Box co-host.

If the gentleman is incorrect, set it straight in a new tweet and pin That.

As the great Doc Searls said years ago in Cluetrain Manifesto, “markets are a conversation.” A pinned tweet acts like a mic drop – the end of a conversation. The ratio begs to differ. Soul Cycle should address the ratio, and clarify its clarification if it can.

Dont Look Back

Some say there’s no place for a social media professional once he hits a certain age.

Some say it’s a job for millennials, an entry-level gig that once you turn, say, 35, you’ve worn out your welcome.

While that may be the case in regards to some brands, when it comes to news, especially entertainment news – with all its rich history – I say it’s good to have someone around who knows that D.A. Pennebaker’s classic Dylan doc doesn’t have an apostrophe in its first word.

I think it’s good to have someone around who knows that N.W.A dropped the last period in their name.

I think it’s helpful to have someone in the social media department who knows that Donna Summer had been dead for years before posting on FB that she had just passed.

What’s the value of ensuring that an organizations tweets are as solid as its copy? Pennies? Dollars? Tens of thousands of dollars?

Serious people who realize social media posts are capable of flying around the world in a split-second might say that it’s priceless to give off the perception that you actually know what you’re tweeting about.

And unfortunately 25 year olds, talented as they may be, can’t know everything.

.. and sometimes they skip the factchecking part where you go to IMDb to double-check spelling.

When I was hired to do the lowly task of editing the closed captions for the E! Networks, I had a boss who told me “look up every single name, even if you love that person.”

I’ll never forget that direction. For in even a fleeting caption, our job was to be accurate.

Today the trades, the experts, and even AP did a great disservice to an award-winning documentarian. In part, I believe, while experienced pros are sitting on the bench… or in my case wasting away on the free agent wire, patiently waiting for the phone to ring.

i wanted to quote billy joel, but it’s complicated

the one question i feel i really blew in my interview was such a simple one

what Brand do you think is doing a great job on social media?

i hesitated because in the grand scheme of things i dont think there are hardly any brands who are doing anything great on social.

not because they’re dumb and im some genius, but because Brands do a few things that prevent them from being good: they hire people who are way too young, and then they don’t let who they hire have the freedom to succeed and fail. Brands create these unnecessary committees that water the good ideas down and all that ends up seeing the light of day are the most basic, safe, tame and forgettable content items that quickly get scrolled by.

to be great means to stick your head above the pack, and so many are terrified of getting their head chopped off if the wrong person says “what the hell’s that?”

and it’s a double edge sword because Social is the one place where Brands can actually speak for themselves, to their audience, any time they want, for a relatively inexpensive price. but it’s also the place where they can inadvertently make embarrassing news if they have one false move.

so are there Brands who have courageously seized the day and rocked the house on social? yes. but so few. i mentioned Wendys and then i stopped because it was seriously hard to think of any others until after the call, naturally.

also, like Billy Joel, when i am creating things, i try not to be influenced by the people who i like because i dont want to accidentally copy them.

with that said, i find my internet inspiration from people you would never imagine. i mentioned Nardwaur earlier today. he taught me to over-research when heading into an interview. he also taught me to let them talk and talk and talk. he never really challenges his guests. and he often has them leaving with smiles (and gifts) afterward.

when presenting things on Instagram, I love Sarah of the Delicious Life.

i know there are lots of instagram influencers with pretty pages but i think she does it so well. and i bet she could do it for clothes or cars or even cannabis. she has that eye.

i wish i knew more about hockey because i think Hockey Twitter is phenomenal. the LA Kings have an incredible team, but i gotta say, the Philadelphia Flyers introduced a new mascot last year, Gritty, who was dead on arrival. it got so much negative press and online hate. he was weird looking he was ugly … what was he? but they stuck with it and let Gritty be weird. they let him be. who lets people be?

and now Gritty is beloved and downright iconic. Overnight! he might be the most interesting mascot in sports, which is saying something because the Chicago Bulls guy is tough to beat.

i asked my friends to tell me who they thought do a good job on social, and they gave me so many cool examples that im like arggggggh why didnt i think of that.

but it did remind me of the one good thing i said about running Communities: the people have all the answers, and if you have nurtured them correctly and made them feel safe to be honest, they will give you everything.

Their best answers:

Merriam Webster dictionary




Taco Bell

Pop Tarts

And this is why you should always Poll The Audience if you get stuck when you are playing Millionaire