got my taxes done

it cost me a lot: $700

and i still have to pay $1,200

but seeing as though none of the jobs i did last year withdrew any monies, i did have lots of expenses, so i guess only paying that little is fine.

bad news, i may lose my medical any time soon and may need to start buying health insurance bc i may have made too much last year which is crazy bc im so poor im not even sure i want to get renters insurance bc what do i even have?

a tv? two cats who poop in the morning bc i am not playing with them enough?

old clothes ppl might think were stolen from the homeless?

there is some apple juice in the fridge

and ding dongs in the sock drawer.

saw my tax lady today

she opened up the office for me even though i was not going to be paying for anything. she only works on commish.

how nice was that of her!??!

we spent two hours in there and when it was over i offered to drive her home because i know she doesn’t have a car and the uber prices right now are outta control.

she said, actually i need to do this one thing that should take about 20 minutes, so no thank you.

i said, right in your parking lot is one of my favorite taquerias in all of LA, Guisados, how about i get some tacos there and when im done i will bring you back something and drive you home.

she was all, omg thank you!

she used to do the books for movie execs, a studio or two, and still has some celeb clients who i cannot mention

but one for sure is A-list, the others i forgot about because of the xbi meddling with my brain.

you know.

so i sat there and these tacos are little. but each one is an adventure all their own.

youd think youd see these at a fancy art opening or billionaire party

but you can get six of them for nine bucks, $11 after tip

i sat there and quietly moaned with each bite while watching the cubs win.

when i was finishing up this big tall guy sat near me and bit into his platter of earthly delights.

i got up and threw out my trash and said

fucking unreal, arent they?

and his serious beverly hills face lit up

and he said



driving her home she told me that she had gotten COVID twice! once early on in January when no one knew what it was, but she had been an EMT in the great war so when she got her fever she drew a bath and soaked in it every other hour

“so i wouldn’t cook to death”

and after about 12 hours she beat the first huge fever.

i was all, you cured yourself of COVID!

she laughed. she should be retired. she has braces.

she says when she does retire she wants to do it overseas in asia somewhere.

i was all me too.

when i dropped her off she said, want my chicken soup, i didnt eat it for lunch.

i think after doing my taxes seeing how dirt poor i am she felt bad for me.

and im eating it now and it’s delicious.

cubs won.

did my taxes

thought i was gonna be able to pay off a credit card from my giant return

after watching snl though i went back to look at my return to bask in its glory

then noticed a terrible mistake

i had handed my tax preparer my w-2 from 2019, not 2020

maybe i’ll get a free burrito now instead.

which is fine.

i like burritos.