saw my tax lady today

she opened up the office for me even though i was not going to be paying for anything. she only works on commish.

how nice was that of her!??!

we spent two hours in there and when it was over i offered to drive her home because i know she doesn’t have a car and the uber prices right now are outta control.

she said, actually i need to do this one thing that should take about 20 minutes, so no thank you.

i said, right in your parking lot is one of my favorite taquerias in all of LA, Guisados, how about i get some tacos there and when im done i will bring you back something and drive you home.

she was all, omg thank you!

she used to do the books for movie execs, a studio or two, and still has some celeb clients who i cannot mention

but one for sure is A-list, the others i forgot about because of the xbi meddling with my brain.

you know.

so i sat there and these tacos are little. but each one is an adventure all their own.

youd think youd see these at a fancy art opening or billionaire party

but you can get six of them for nine bucks, $11 after tip

i sat there and quietly moaned with each bite while watching the cubs win.

when i was finishing up this big tall guy sat near me and bit into his platter of earthly delights.

i got up and threw out my trash and said

fucking unreal, arent they?

and his serious beverly hills face lit up

and he said



driving her home she told me that she had gotten COVID twice! once early on in January when no one knew what it was, but she had been an EMT in the great war so when she got her fever she drew a bath and soaked in it every other hour

“so i wouldn’t cook to death”

and after about 12 hours she beat the first huge fever.

i was all, you cured yourself of COVID!

she laughed. she should be retired. she has braces.

she says when she does retire she wants to do it overseas in asia somewhere.

i was all me too.

when i dropped her off she said, want my chicken soup, i didnt eat it for lunch.

i think after doing my taxes seeing how dirt poor i am she felt bad for me.

and im eating it now and it’s delicious.

cubs won.

woah i havent blogged all week?

well it was a crazy week

and as life goes, what you may think is weird in your personal or professional relationships can suddenly turn into small potatoes when shit goes afoul in the USA and then your own city.

this was the week that a young man was killed in Minnesota and it was filmed.

his murderer: a cop.

it took forever for the cop to get fired which pissed off a bunch of people, and then it took a while for his three partners to get canned. but only the one cop ended up getting arrested, and that took a bunch.

so add to the mix the fact that most of the USA is locked down, watching things over and over on the internet and TV, and added to that people don’t have to go to work in the morning. Also people are nervous and mad and scared about their jobs. 40 million americans are unemployed.

then sprinkle onto that the fact that white women are still calling the cops on black men for being black, and the POTUS has zero leadership abilities, and the rich are somehow getting richer from funds that are supposed to go to small businesses

and you have a slow burning fuse

and then a powder keg.





people stealing stuff not just in the hood any more, that’s so 20th century, now they have gone to beverly hills, and melrose, and today was santa monica.

nordstom at the grove was hit.

gucci on rodeo drive.

big five in santa monica.

everything must go.

now theres fires across the street from the white house.

on friday trump was rushed down to an underground bunker.

shit’s so crazy and so wild that i have zero story ideas.

and whats worse is i have three stories in the can that if i had worked faster and pushed harder would already be out there but now if they go out this week they’ll probably seem stale.

cuz theyre based on COVID, which is still a thing, but the Riots are the new thing

racism, police brutality, the national guard

the deadly disease is def not the main thing any more.

which is a lesson i knew a long long time ago: publish your stuff ASAP because you never know what world changing event will happen tomorrow.

today we went to a fancy mansion

some say it’s the largest home in all of beverly hills. some say it has 54 rooms.

i say, thats a lot of rooms for a single family with five kids in the late 1920s.

it was super cool. we were on a special visit. the people gave us an amazing tour that included the secret bowling alley and hidden bar.

the grounds are used for weddings a lot.

amber does this funny thing where she says i dont want to get married but if i did i would want to do it… and invite…. and honeymoon in….

so yesterday i told her the story of mick and jerry and how happy they were when they were not married and how they broke up almost as soon as they got hitched and i showed her pictures and i thought i had convinced her

until we visited the largest home in beverly hills and the gardens where even famous people have been married in. with its sweeping views of LA.

and i whispered, never forget mick and jerry

and she said, never forget john and yoko

and i whispered, that was his second marriage…

this doesnt even tell the whole story

i picked up amber in beverly hills yesterday around 2:30pm.

on the way there i took this picture a block away from Rodeo by sticking my phone out the window.

i shouldn’t have done that to my phone.

the air is poisoned. the smoke. the fumes. the sadness from our friends.

it must be terrible to have to breath it all in because theres nothing good about it.

yesterday the sun looked down as ashes blew down like tears, even as far away as down town

which is worlds away from Malibu and Thousand Oaks.

my cats, who haven’t done this since they were kittens, took it out on the toilet paper roll.

even they know.

last night a sweet lady on rodeo drive lost her phone in my car

it’s a pain when this happens because it screws up your flow

if youre doing things right all of your mojo is about pick up drop off pick up drop off, keep it moving.

as long as the wheels are turning and somones in the car with you youre making that money

and i dont know about you but ive got a little bit of credit card debt that im trying to knock all the way down to zero and last week i only made $100 off uber, which isnt my goal, fyi

so i was rolling. one two three uber select rides in a row. it was great. until i realized #2 had left her phone in my car.

i had remembered what restaurant i had dropped her off in beverly hills so after i picked up and dropped off the screenwriter of Arrival(!) at the Roxy, i headed west to little santa monica to the new italian joint where she was dining.

heres my problem all of my passengers look the same to me in the back seat in the dark.

if youre white you look like amy adams to me. if youre black you look like lupita, my queen. if youre a dude you look like robin williams in popeye.

so there i am roaming around in this crowded nouveu restaurante and no one looks like amy adams. so i double back and go to my Waze to see if her home address got stored in there. it was, sorta, it was a range of addresses. i get there in a few minutes, park, walk up the walk, knock on the door, husband opens, he is shocked that the uber driver is arriving, dont be shocked its busblog who was raised right. was sorta expecting him to slip me a $20 but no, thats ok. i mosey back to the car because giving back to the hood is really what its all about anyways,

then today i get a phone call. i guess she wrote uber and uber gave her my number indirectly. she and i chat she tells me the restaurante is crap. i was all did you see Ryan Seacrest there? she said yeah he was at the table next to mine. i was all omg i was right there then. oh well. she says i wanna tip you. i say ah, just pay it forward to the next driver. she says no really.

so i say do you have Venmo. she says no. i say ah. she says but i will get it! so i text her my name on venmo (busblog) (duh) and she flowed me $40!

people really do win on MTV!