why it shouldnt matter

it’s pointless to care what people think, infact id say it’s harmful.

as long as you are being good and trying to be nice and helpful and peaceful and loving

what could you possibly be doing that would cause someone to hate on you

and if they did, odds are it’s their crap that theyre projecting on you

theres not one person who doesnt have haters.

theres not one band where you couldnt find 100 people to say they suck.

we have a tiny period of time to rock out.

do not read the comments

do not feed the trolls

turn it all the way up

and delight the world with a joyful noise

i wanna say thats not joey ramone

but that equipment looks like the real thing.

those are like four Marshall headers

but who’s that on guitar?

i ask because Joey’s neck looks suspicious

wasnt he always a twig?

even the hair looks like a wig.

was listening to end of the century for a while and now im on the clash sandinsta because its my least favorite class record

three albums of experimentation if you ask me

aint nothing wrong with trying things out


tonight i got an uber select call from a little mexican guy named juan

we talked about tacos when i saw we werent going very far away

i said ive been to england ive been to france but they aint got tacos. he told me i need to go to mexico city. i say so thats where the real deal is? he goes, no, you gotta go to the towns around it, especially in the south.

im like do they have chips there and good salsa? he goes yeah. i say whats your thing right now?

he goes i really like a good quesadea.

he’s all, youre not spelling it right.

i go, its not spelled queseda?

he laughs and says, its not spelled that either.

we were getting close to his house. huge craftsman right near pico and western. pretty much the house i wanna buy for zulekia and marry her and raise her kids at.

dropped him off and he paused, dug into his pants

now believe me when i tell you he looks exactly like a busboy and hes ordering mercedeses

and tipping!

gave me three bucks.

and i was like muchas gracias amigo. and he was all later!