today anne frank would have been 75 years old.

reminding writers, diarists, and bloggers everywhere, that you never know how important your writings may be. so write. write all the time. and write about everything.

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3 Oct. 1942.

Dearest Marianne,

It’s been a few days again since I last wrote, but a lot of really bad things have happened in the meantime. Yesterday they went on at me because I lay on the bed beside Mr. v. Pels. At your age, for shame!, and suchlike expressions. Silly of course. I would never want to sleep with Mr. v. Pels in the general sense of the word I mean of course. This morning Miep told us that last night they were dragging Jews from house after house again in South Amsterdam. Horrible. God knows which of our acquaintances are left. A crippled old woman was sitting on Miep’s doorstep because she couldn’t walk and so the scoundrels went to fetch a car, meanwhile the poor person had to wait out in the cold (she wasn’t allowed to go indoors) and there was terrible shooting. You just can’t imagine how awful it all is, I am only so glad that we are here. There was another dust-up yesterday and Mummy kicked up a frightful row, she told Daddy just what she thought of me and had an awful fit of tears so, of course, off I went too, and I’d got such a frightful headache anyway. Finally I told Daddy that I’m much more fond of “him” than Mummy, to which he replied that I’d get over that. But I don’t believe it. I simply can’t stand Mummy, and I have to force myself not to snap at her all the time and to stay calm with her, I could easily slap her face, I don’t know how it is that I have taken such a terrible dislike to her. Daddy said that I should sometimes volunteer to help Mummy, when she doesn’t feel well or has a headache; but I shan’t since I don’t like her and I don’t feel like it. I would certainly do it for Daddy, I noticed that when he was ill. Also it’s easy for me to picture Mummy dying one day, but Daddy dying one day seems inconceivable to me. It may be very mean of me, but that’s how I feel. I hope that Mummy won’t ever read “this” or any of the other things.

Peter has something wrong with his foot again, that softy, and it’s easy to see that he is in love. Yesterday I cut out the coupons, that’s quite a nice little job. Peeling potatoes is something else I often do these days, but I dread shelling peas. Today I have to read things in the prayer book, I have no idea why Mummy wants to force me to do that, but I’ll do it to oblige her and above all for Pim.

Mummy has just said that if we ever get back home and are allowed to stay, we shall probably take in the Goslar baby, I think that’s terrific; but I don’t think we would ever let go of her again in that case. I have such a lovely book, it’s called “Eva’s youth.” The Eva in it thought that children grow like apples on a tree and that the stork plucks them off when they are ripe and carries them to their mothers. But her girl friend’s cat had kittens and they came out of the cat, then she thought that the cat lays eggs like a chicken, and then goes and sits on the brood, and that mothers who are having a baby go upstairs a few days earlier, lay an egg and sit on it, when the baby comes the mothers are still a bit weak from all the squatting. Eva wanted to have a baby too and so she took a woolen shawl, laid it on the ground so that the egg could drop into it and then squatted down and began to push. She tried clucking but no egg came out. In the end after all that long squatting something did come out of her but not an egg, a little sausage. Oh, Eva was so ashamed. And the maid thought she was sick. Funny isn’t it. I take my leave with this dear Marianne, next time more from

Anne Frank.

P.S. Regards to Jaap. I like you. You get my meaning don’t you?

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Dear Tony,

Can you please explain to me what the fuck is going on with your

Lakers. I am well aware of the stunning defence the Detroit Pistons

possesses, but they were tied with the Spurs for allowing the lowest

amount of points against, and Shaq and the boys were able to take care

of them quite nicely.

How is this roster of superstars and sons of superstars being

humiliated by such a young Detroit ball club.

Help me understand?


Hamilton, Canada

Dear J-Mo,

let me tell you a few things about hollywood.

everywhere you look its beautiful.

every car you see is a porsche or a rolls or a classic mustang or a hummer or a monster truck lexus.

the girls come up to you in the streets and say i know you, youre tony pierce, i love you, i want you, ive been dreaming about you, lets do it right here up against this palm tree.

everyone is a star

everyone is hot

everyone is loaded

and everyone is cool

and the coolest of the cool, jack, is a laker fan, which thereby makes all things laker, ultracool.

when they played at the forum, that was cool.

now that they play at staples, and now thats the coolest.

the hottest cheerleaders in the world are the laker girls

the greatest announcer ever was chickie baby

and when you wonder how magic could not only beat hiv but become stronger by it, i bring you back to the start which is, this is hollywood, and to live here and to thrive here you pretty much have to beat hiv to remain ultracool

or live in a mansion with 6 blonde girlfriends

or light it up for 45 points in the playoffs after stepping off a private jet fresh from your rape trial

or swish a trey with point oh four seconds on the clock in san antone when it is almost physically impossible to catch a ball turn around and shoot in less than half a second.

no way were the los angeles lakers going to just blow out the detroit pistons after that derek fisher three in the alamo dome. thats not how things are done in hollywood.

this is how things are done in hollywood.

you lose the first game at home to remind the world that hello theres an nba finals going on. bitches.

then you sink a fadeaway three in the last two seconds of regulation to send game two into overtime. you blow em out in ot as forshadowing.

no way were the lakers going to slide into motown and sweep three there and make these finals boring.

no way were they probably even going to win two.

theyre just not as hungry as larry brown and rip hamilton and the good people of the motor city who will burn their town down for a week in glee if they can beat the four hall of fame lakers and their hall of fame coach.

so the lakers will win one game in detroit

and then win two in la. dramatically. incredibly. ultimately.

that was always in the script.

and the refs will continue to keep shaq in foul trouble at the palace in auburn hills, but when they all return to staples they will finally unchain kong and the humanoids will scatter.

and you might even see mr gary payton finally showing up a little bit.

who is the real x factor

and poised to be something more than a hasbeen who jumped on the bandwagon to collect a ring without really contributing when it mattered.

either that or kobe will just fucking errupt and live up to the mj hype

which is impossible of course.

outside of hollywood.

enjoy the show.

J. Mo + d lo + theives in the night