i was asked to do a post on the LAT sports blog

about the rudeness of the Dodger fans to Cub fans at Dodger Stadium on Saturday

i included this video which is ok until the middle where you can hear the Dodger fans angrilly chant while a guy is getting a beer. not what youd expect from fans who should be thrilled to even be in the playoffs, let alone about to sweep the NL team with the best record.

devil winds were in the air, i suppose.

anyways heres the post Stay Classy, LA Dodger Fans, only one person has commented so far, in agreement with me, thankfully, but who cares, i was there, i saw it, they were outta line. they should be better.

raising ticket prices isnt the answer. it was $60 a seat where we were. sure you get all the food you can eat, but stil..