friday karisa sent an email to a few of our friends

and said “before we eat fondue we’re going somewhere, bring winter clothes and $11.50 and dont ask any questions”

i was afraid it might be ice skating because i had never ice skated before, which i know is a shocker since i grew up in chicago

but for some reason i never did it

the other night i did it

then we had wine, then we had booze, then we had this red bull challenger, then i had beer, then i had champagne

and ate shrimp and beef and gingerbread house

and strangely i got really sick early yesterday morn

and my legs were sore

so i slept most of the day and watched Arrested Development marathon that i recorded from thanksgiving – and Volver in honer of Carmener who is in Barceloner

and slept more

and didnt go to Stevie Wonder

but will see the Lakers with a hot young thing tonight. but first lunch with Kariser

so later!

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