if youre so young that youre experiencing your first bubble/implosion/crash

then you probably dont remember Pud who founded and ran a super mean website at the turn of the century called f**kedcompany

if youre old enough to remember the site, you’ll probably recall that it was a site that almost gleefully documented dozens and dozens of dot coms a month death spiral down to bankruptcy.

nothing but a glorified black message board, f-edcompany proudly displayed how many lawsuits were being filed against them as they fearlessly published internal emails of startups from bitter employees many of whom were so young they had never been laid off before.

i liked f-ed company until my dot com started to have to lay people off. in fact i was canned twice from the start up, which oddly survived the dot com bubble and recently sold itself to someone pretty huge. (it was also the place where i met lots of cool people including karisa.)

anyways, thanks to the magic of Google Reader and the fact that Ev shared it, we can all revel in the fact that Pud is back and has a blog. not only that but he has a Twitter account which he loves (who knew Pud was capable of loving something that wasnt tragic and or sad?). earlier this week Pud asked Twitter folks to ask him anything. and of course much of the questioning revolved around his dark, dead, old message board.

What happened to F***edcompany.com, the dot-com deadpool? Did you close it cuz it was getting in the way of your real business? Also, were those dudes cheating in the high scores? I could never figure out how those top 5 always got so many points! They must have found a loophole!?

D. Mack Daddy

I closed F***edcompany a few years ago because traffic was slowing and I figured my full-time attention would be better spent working on the ad network I founded, AdBrite. There was a small time when I was working on both simultaneously, but I felt I was doing a half-assed job on both. I wanted AdBrite to be full-assed (or zero-assed?) so I shut down FC.

Regarding the folks who were always in the top-5 for guessing which companies would go out of business (the deadpool game) — yes, they found a loophole that I never got around to fixing. I always felt a little guilty about that. But not guilty enough to fix it.

this one was a good one too, and something i had been thinking about recently

Why haven’t you begun tracking the layoff situations on f***cdompany again?


I’ve been working on other things, and I don’t think I could make F***edcompany as funny/mean as I used to, because I live in the Silicon Valley area now and know too many of the people involved. When I was running FC in 2000, I was living in NYC and didn’t know anyone.

the whole thread is here and some of it is actually sorta funny. pud’s blog is here. and if you wanna see his twitter feed its here. but even better is Ev’s Shared Items, which are here.

Ev, fyi, is the dude who possibly turned down a half billion dollar offer from Facebook to sell them Twitter. and you all thought that kid at facebook had balls.

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