the only problem with college girls is they like american idol

got suckered into dinner drinks rock not long ago and tonight i found myself watching idol on tivo.

youve gotta check out danny gokey she says.

surely you have an older sister, i say.

but if you met her shed start talking again and youd smile n nod just like me and end up watching not just one episode but two because tonights the night they vote off someone and she wants to see last nights show again cuz it was omgsooooogoooood.

im like, how good could it be?

and shes like, after its over i’ll do whatever you want.

little did she imagine that i wanted a complete thanksgiving dinner or a mani/pedi

and little did i imagine that id actually enjoy the first night. alot.

adam lambert should just be given the trophy the roses and the sash cuz hes miss world for sure.

over the air tv, isnt worthy of that craziness above in that video.

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