some of us were meant to stand out

stand outand when we dont we spit in the face of destiny

some of us were meant to fit in

ive never met any of those people.

everyone ive ever met was unique and interesting and flawed and superb and

just as fucked up as me.

yesterday i met this beautiful young lady who grew up around people who were so different than she was

that she never learned the beauty in herself

because all of her friends growing up

either didnt see the beauty in her or felt uncomfortable admitting how much they were into her.

no one ever told her when she was a little girl

that some of us were meant to stand out

which is good and bad

for one, you cant hide.

for two, all eyes are on you

for three all the girls are gonna stare and all the boys are gonna make fun.

except for those who also stand out


embrace your uniqueness

it’s how the angels above can point you out

from waaaaaaaaaay

up there.