fucked up and agreed to something i shouldnt have agreed to

this won’t end well.

it’s not enough for some people that you are doing well.

if i had a farm and the corn was growing and the collard greens were coming in and the indica was on point

but the pigs weren’t as fat as they should be

don’t you think we would work on the pigs?

instead the message is, let’s change everything about the farm.

but the farm is good.

i know but it could be better.

yes but the indica is the best indica for miles around. people come from all over the world for this indica. no one is coming for the pigs.

yes and the solution is change the farm.

i don’t think we should change the whole farm.

well all these others are ok with it.

but those people aren’t farmers.

but they’re part of your team.

imagine if the team worked on the pigs.

why wouldn’t they work on the whole farm?

because ughhhhh fine, redo the whole farm who cares any more, north korea is gonna blow us up anyways.

that’s the spirit tony!

are they gonna destroy us, asked the corn?


what about us, asked the greens,

uh huh.

us too, asked the crystallized indica flowers waiting to bud?

no, you i will save. you are my babies.

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