theres some changes a brewing

which is a good thing and a scary thing, but mostly good.

i cant wait to tell you about them, but i have always wanted to be such a different person than who i am.

i want to be the type of man who keeps everything secret. i watch Tony Soprano and he wont even tell his crew what he is up to.

when he gets on the phone he talks about “that thing of ours.” without revealing a damn clue.

im good with other people’s secrets, but for me im a huge blabbermouth.

why? am i looking for approval? do i want everyone to love me? i know hardly anyones gonna love me.

maybe because it’s front of mind. and when im on a project that i love i’m consumed by it.

well this next thing is gonna be an all encompassing bon fire of earthly delights, thats all i gotta say

and when it’s time to really get into great detail, trust me, you’ll be notified properly.

just know that what im fixin to do is risky, but if it ends up being what im planning on it being

it could be a literal life saver.

and thats what the xbi is alllllll about.

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