i made this deal with amber

i have this problem sometimes when i forget that she is fighting the good fight and i need to turn it down a notch.

i can be a little over the top.

so i said, if i can be super chill for the whole day then i will circle the date on the calendar.

today was the first day ive earned a circle.

we went to the movies, saw Bombshell, it was ok.

before that, In N Out. we went to Ashley Furniture who had great financing plans, zero per cent interest, 35% off, all these things.

but the prices of the furniture was soooo high.

i met a guy the other day whose uncle makes custom beds. he offered a bed with padding and faux diamonds on the headboard, plus mattress and box spring for $650. old ashley furniture wanted $2k.

amber took one look at the joint and skeeved out. she didnt even want to play around on it. she was all, this is crazy. so we drove to the top of the parking garage, ate our lunch looking at the glendale mountains, listening to the radio, watching the rain clouds come

and now it’s nighttime, and the rain is here. it sounds so good.

i just finished most of my work transcribing my interviews about MLK

shes watching You

it’s filmed all around here.

i have so much work to do in these next few days

my neighbor threw out her cat playset.

she got two.

i rescued it.

now my cats are so happy.

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