walked to the store tonight because my car is broke

a couple things about my car. in april its paid off.

thats the good news.

the bad is it just went over 100k and it wont start.

the other good news is i have an excellent mechanic and when i called him he said

oh well you have two batteries. sounds like the little one is broke.

so tuesday we go get that fixed.

thus tonight amber and i walked to the store to get food.

you wouldnt think that two people who know they were gonna have to carry their food home would spend $75 when the mission was just to get some mexicokes and some ground turkey

but the salmon also looked good

as did the beyond burger meat

and the chocolate croissants

and the soup.

on the way there we ran past this homeless guy who i gave my winter coat to back when it was starting to get cold. and so we said hi as we went past and asked if he wanted anything from the store.

he said water.

afterwards he told amber he should have asked for baby wipes because he really wants a bath.

she talks to him all the time too, so they have their own relationship.

when we got home and she told me about the wipes i said,

there should be showers for the homeless.

why are we so weird about letting people take showers?

then it dawned on me. one of our neighbors JUST moved out.

and i have his key.

she said, he once told me he never wants to ever go inside an apartment

ever again.

i wonder what the story behind all of that is.