took a long walk today and saw a dead person

as you know i like to talk to people.

mostly because i ask easy questions and people generally answer them, and as they do, they tell me things i would have never expected.

before we saw the dead person we walked past a bus driver taking a break.

i asked him, “have bus drivers here in LA been catching The Rona?”

he said, “you’re talking to one of them.”

he told us that unlike many, he didn’t lose his sense of taste or smell, but “felt like shit” for a few days. he took a test and it came back negative. then he took another test a few days later when he was super achey and he got a positive result.

he said he was sick for an entire month.

after a while he got a little better but he was rushed back to work because the benefits were running out. he explained that this was early into the plague so the union didn’t know how much time to demand that sick drivers should have off.

he said he knows of over 100 LA bus drivers that have gotten COVID.

then we walked a half block up and saw a couple of police cars and the coroner’s van. a homeless person had died. a photographer from Getty was there and a homeless worker who provides free showers was there too.

the latter tried to shake my hand as we introduced ourselves.

over 6,000 people in LA today got COVID. next week that number might jump past 8,000.

i have to stop walking around.

it’s tough because the weather is getting nicer and i sure could use the exercise but Hollywood is cray.