the great marc canter asks, which miles movie did it best

even though i am a glutton for information

there’s a wildly unexplainable part of me that does not want to know certain things

lets make a list

  • my mothers health ailments
  • my savings account totals
  • what the owners of the cubs intend to do with my favorite players
  • how much better my life would be if i went all vegan
  • how often Sammy Sosa used a corked bat
  • if robert johnson sold his soul to the devil
  • what the kitchens look like of my favorite restaurants
  • what my cats think of me
  • if an actor could totally nail down miles davis

some myths i prefer

i saw miles play at the hollywood bowl when i was brand new to los angeles and

to this day he was the coolest performer ive ever seen

did not give one fuck about what anyone thought about anything

he was there to do his thing

and he did not over do it

it was so perfect and i dont think theres anyone around today even close

unconscious giant walking among us

the closest thing ive seen to it was mr kurdt kobain but it could have been the heroin

nirvana at the forum kurt was just so blaise about everything

like punk bands can just sell out the forum like nbd

but at that point they were also the biggest pop band so they coulda probably done it three nights in a row

a move theyd have done

if they cared.

in the middle of the acoustic set, kurdt is just sitting there on a stool

doing a few songs alone

and this guy throws a shoe at him and it almost hits him

kurdt pretended like it didnt happen

i need to get to that level.

yes it’s punk to throw a shoe at yr idol

but its more punk to not even react.

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