my goal is to blog 2x every day on this mama jamma

Dylan, Coulter, Os, and Whalen of the Brothers Steve

i had 250 posts last year, which is less than 1 a day.

2 a day would be over 725.

i can do this. it’s just writing. marc brown’s wife told me she was amazed that i could just write like NBD. i told her i was amazed that people can’t write like NBD. just tell the story.

this picture is from when i interviewed the Brothers Steve in Os’ backyard.

it was a very awkward interview because we have all been friends for longer than the Internet existed.

and for some reason we had never talked about their music on the record before.

i think they were afraid id let out some weird secrets and i was afraid they wouldnt tell me weird secrets.

but it was a beautiful interview in the end and it sounds so good. and it was shorter than most of my others, but anyways at the end of it i said lets take some pics for the website

but i didnt use any of the pics because they seemed so posed, an unnatural.

also without Solomon, it’s not the full band. and i wouldn’t want to set a poor example for The Future.

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