the sorority invited me

to their slumber party in westwood again this year, so i wont be updating my main page tonight. but in the meantime i hope you visit the sites of those who have doled out the tpierce shout outs.

the ladies asked what they could give me i told them i needed some behind the ear headphones cuz the normal ones wreck the ‘fro. they laughed and said it wouldnt be a problem, which is good because i forgot my newspaper this morning and the whole commute i couldnt get that Xzibit song out of my head:

The first day of the rest of my life / X stand behind the mic like Walker Kronkike/ Y’all keep the spotlight / I’m keeping my rhymes tight / Lose sight of what you believe / And call it a night This ain’t the light-weight, cake mix shit That you’re used to / Teflon territory you just can’t shoot through You gonna shoot who? (Who?) / Not even on your best day / Rollin’ the Wild West way, givin’ it up / Leavin’ the whole world stuck not givin’ a fuck / Laid in the cut now we break through in the rut / Hennesy and Orange Juice baby fill up a cup / Quick to grab Mary Jane by the butt and squeeze, loosen up.

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