i wouldn’t be much of a hippie, or a reverand, or bleeding-heart liberal

if i didnt bring up the fact that there’s always Plan B in situations like these: peace.

of course we need to find those responsible, and of course we need to bring them to justice. it is the means that i am typing about.

waving your dick in the eyes of a monster and demanding a bunch of shit that you know he’ll say “no” to is what daddy bush did to sadaam ten years ago and the day before the new bad guy allegedly masterminded the incidents last week, the old bad guy shot down some of our planes over iraq, so what has war done for us lately?

the president read a nice speech yesterday, pretty to the ears, but chock-full of holes, of course, frat boy.

i’ll get into more of this later, but in the meantime, let me say that if you’re going to buy flags at the corner and make God Bless America the latest catch-phrase, realize that God has blessed America plenty. and God would be far more interested in a peaceful resolution to matters such as these, because God is Love, not hate or revenge or terror. so do me a favor and just leave God out of it.

you too, Osama.

enjoy the telethon tonight.


in other insights, layne and welch has turned it up a notch and as ive said before, these are the sites you should really be reading.


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