A Look Back

im pooped so i will include Ashley’s take of my Year End Review, if you have any email them!

Your Beautiful Work Of Art Year In Review – a review by ashley

01. “Urine Review” – beautiful. Bobby Brady looking geeky. Just when I thought I couldn’t love you any more

02. Index – who’s that cool girl? I adore the “no way could this be true”

caption. Looks awesome

03. January – loving that the first picture I ever saw of you is right there.

[in which you are FAR + AWAY the cutest boy of them all]. I tend to stay away from these old school links b/c it’s usually just naked chicks.

However, since the first naked chick on the list is my FAVORITE naked chick, I’ll look

around a little more … WOW! next link is another one of my FAVORITE naked

chicks, not naked in this picture however. We were destined from the start, huh? [after going thru your adorable PeopleSupport tribute, i’ve come to the conclusion that you should go back and save the Internet]

[oh + that you’re super cute even when painted green]

04. February – oooh it’s me! + a little icon you made for me. remember that?

i said ‘i need a picture that represents balancing’. you did a grand job. so i’m noticing your large background pics don’t even take 1/2 as long to load

nowadays as compared to the old stuff. well done. i thoroughly enjoyed reading the transcript of our ‘last correspondance’ aka speed survey.

05. March – i think the unemployment receipt is so cute. perfect touch. ok you look SO CUTE in that pic w/ the blonde porn star [janine]. you know the one. nice to see you called me jjl on that survey page, thank you. “9. What kind of person do you want to marry?: madonna whore, of course. if she cant cook thats ok.” sounds like i’m in! oh + look at that, “daisy princess representing”. i lov eyou

06. April – thanks for getting rid of the slippers picture. seeing your house makes me wish i was there an ungodly amount. what a lovely surprise to see “are you gonna eat that?” is peppered by my picture. + DUDE i am so still craving your cheese tacos, 9 months after you invented them! I TAKE BACK WHAT I SAID ABOUT GETTING RID OF THE SLIPPERS PICTURE! + i see you never fixed the “bye ash – april index” all being one big link. it’s ok, i still love you + think you’re smart

07. May – gosh i am so in love w/ your vegasgirl story 🙂 really. it makes me all kinds of happy. just read the rest of it + wow. i seriously dig you a LOT. i love buffy’s dead too. hehe. i was crying a lot over that. “luck” will always be a favorite as well. you read that to me over the phone while i was eating pizza + watching some fashion special on E!

08. June – there’s me unseen in the background! our little secret huh? don + jen’s wedding was really fun, i loved your stuff about it. after seeing bday tributes for jeanine, karisa, + now chris, i really am looking forward to jan. 11th.

“sam” somehow made it onto 2 different months. i guess since you included the extensive look back at spring, its ok that you missed some links

on the june index. LIKE THE OH SO IMPORTANT: RUNNING + 99 CENT +

ASHSELFPORTRAIT!!!!!! i do love that paco though.

09. July – probably the ugliest month so far, but i know you love the dude, so i’ll let it slide. + now i’m about to have a heartattack b/c it seems like


A CAR!!!!!! i dont think i can go on. you just broke my heart a lot. i am SO hoping your sake that you accidently put it in august. arggggg

10. August – and no. somehow you manage to leave out a link to the thing i always always always tell you is my favorite thing you’ve ever done. i’m

going to cry. honestly. i better put a huge warning about this at the top of this email, telling you to fix that NOW!!!!! at least you included ashley cooks with me. there’s still hope for you, i guess.

11. September – while i’m recovering from the shock of the exclusion of my favorite tonypierce.com creation, i will say that this one looks really rad.

but don’t go thinking i like you now or something. even though its now 5.38am + ive been doing this for like 2 hours. i never looked for ashley + i rent a

car in the summer index. if its not there, i will really have to ask the scientologists to bomb your pad. you are so lucky. 2nd row, all the way to

the right. you’re not completely off the hook, even though i liked the title of “ashley made this pic”. + i really liked “ash says hi“, i forgot all about that. see, even smart people forget important things.

12. October – looks pretty, nice usage of pinkwhooooooooo! better pink! GWEN! yay thanks. did i ever tell you how well you substituted the “ROCK” on her belt for “TONY”? really impressive. i love the drew on snl pages a lot. it

lets the world see what a HUGE FREAKY DORK i am. oh gosh. you’re lucky i love you so much, otherwise i would die of embarrasement over this stuff being

public. look what you had uploaded on your own site all this time:


i read this date with bunny page in the kids section of the library. i like

halloween even if theres way too much of the cam girls.

13. November – BEAUTY of a meteor shower pic way to go baby.oooh + theres me!

yay. very very good to see ashsback, i wouldve spit on my computer if you

missed that one. wow i missed like more than half of these!!! what the fuck.

this is weird. thanks for saying i can be funny as hell! wow. i love you now.

changed my mind once i read this: “i wrote about dumb stuff like teenage girls” you are so mean.

14. December – wow, just when i thought july was the ugliest month … spoke too soon i guess. you forgot to change the meteor shower caption, so that’s

still under phil. very nice to see 3 pages of me. even the mean tom/drew page

tickled my fancy


[extra credit can be obtained in the form of a HUGE + BRILLIANT link to

ashley + me rent a car]

i love you a lot. taking that journey of your life + meetng you + our time

spent together was really fun. kept me up until 6am, i hope youre proud. i

can’t wait to be with you.


Daisy Kisses,