today marks the eigth anniversary of the Northridge earthquake

a good reader informs me. He wrote at my account, which is cool. However if you want your email on the site, try mailbag Not every letter will be put up, but this way I know which emails are meant to be read and which dont mind being posted.

So yes, the Northridge quake. It was loud. It was crazy. I was living with Greg and Jeff and the chimney fell down and my cds fell down and a few books fell down.

Good came out of that quake, however. We roommates formed a band called Chopper One so that we wouldnt fight due to all the nervous energy going on with the after-shocks, etc. We only played one show at our pad but it was a success and really a success a few years later when the guy who wrote Weezer’s “My Name is Jonas” stole our name to form his band. I bought their cd so I could say that I have a Chopper One cd, but I dont think i ever listened to it. I do shit like that.

Back then I really wanted Jeanine to be my girlfriend again. Now I really want Chris to be my girlfriend again and the biggest lesson that I learned was quit looking back and appreciate all the craziness that you have in front of you.

If I had to do it all over again, I think I would have accepted the job at the porno company, or I would have gone to Prauge when Jeff did, even though it wasnt the same any more. But now that I think of it, I’m glad I didnt do either because I would have easilly fallen in love with one of those hot porn stars and married one of them, or done the same with one of the hotter Czech girls if I had gone thataway.

Fortunately I stayed in the States, moved to Frisco, and was turned on to the Web by one Mr. Marc Brown, esq.

christina ricci lost some weight,

christina riccibleached her hair and put on a grass skirt and thinks that i’ll like her more, but it’s impossible. i liked her fat, skinny, middle, whatever.

There’s something troubled in her eyes and I’m not someone who tries to fix people, i just want to have a good time.

Anna writes and writes from Australia she says “hey! why dont you ever post my doubles scores. Martina and I won again yesterday and I bet you wont report that.”

And it’s true, women’s doubles tennis is like female mud wrestling. Who cares about the score?

This blog, this year, is dedicated to Anna’s quest to win a singles tourney. Her success in doubles interests me as much as her success on the dancefloor. I suppose it would matter to me if I was there, but I wasnt, so…

Checked out Lord of the Rings the other night at my favorite movie theatre but they sorta screwed me because they dont take credit cards. Cash only.

The theatre has leg room for days as if they took out every other row of seats. They have giant busts of Greecian women that glow as the film plays and Ashley calls it creepy but I think it’s cool. But when movies cost $18 for two tickets you really oughtta get with the program. Plus, if people want to rob some place, the best place to rob is an establishment that collects thousands of dollars in cash in a very short period of time and has kids making minimum wage and no security officers.

So I said, “it’s cool we’ll walk over to the grocery store and get some cash…”

And Ashley said, “There will be no we. YOU will RUN to the ATM and RUN back here.”

Ever told a rabid dog to sit right before it tries to bite you? Sometimes it works.

And sometimes after it realizes it has sat it gets up and bites you in the ass.

Eye on the ball, Anna.