Shocker! write about Anna and Mariah writes in immediately


Apparently I was supposed to say something about the fact that Mariah is guest starring on “Ally McBeal” tonight and that I have no excuse not to watch it since there wont be any “Monday Night Football” or no made-for-tv movie about “Monday Night Football.”

And while I’m at it, I’m supposed to say that “Glitter” is going to be VHS and DVD next friday, January 15, and also that we’ll get to look at her house on MTV’s “Cribs” this Wednesday.

And if that weren’t enough, she’s on the cover of the british edition of FHM for February.

So why does she need me to hype her? Couldn’t tell ya.

anna isn’t talking to me

anna kournikova 2002she says i pay too much attention to ashley. she might have a point. she says that i make fun of her too much for not winning any tournaments. you wouldnt think she’d be so sensitive, i mean everyone loves her and shes young and beautiful and talented and funny and being a loser her whole life hasnt seemed to affected her popularity so who cares what i think?

she does.

so what i have decided to do is i will pay special attention to anna on her quest to win a singles tournament.

monday is technically over in Australia, where anna is right now. she creamed Angeles Montolio of Spain 6-4, 6-2 at the Sydney International tennis tournament but the bad news is she has to face a young woman named Serena tomorrow and Serena is probably the best female tennis player in the world.

for the record, i dont care that Anna is a loser. all i care is that she hustles and works hard and remains a good person and remains true to herself. im glad that she doesnt care what people say about her regarding what she wears or who she dates or how she acts. she tells me that she has a linguistics coach who is helping her lose her Russian accent but i say keep the accent. accents are cool.

this straw-hatted man was singing “Oh What A Beautiful Morning” on the train and he had a thick Jamaician accent and it sounded real nice. Usually i dont like when people sing or talk to me on the bus or in the subway, so i kept my nose in my book, but he was making up his own lines and the passengers seemed to be entertained by him. he stomped around the aisle singing about how he’s single and how if he ever got married he’d end up in a ditch. he told all the girls not to look at him with those beautiful eyes. he said he loved the ladies.

it wouldnta been the same if he hadnt had his accent and i’d tell anna this if she was talking to me but shes not and thats cool. i know as soon as she wins it all or beats one of the sisters from Compton she will call me collect or something and rub it in my face.

i hope thats sooner than later. cuz i think we all want to see her win, cuz some of us like her for more than her good looks and sweet accent.

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