The pool that you have displayed

on your site today is where Janice and I got our life guarding certification before we headed up to Susanville for a crazy summer of life guarding in a small town.

I love that pool and that particular view of Santa Barbara.

Thank you for putting it on your site.

I love you Tony and the next time I am there I will watch IVTV with you.

I haven’t until now because I love that place and while most of it was good some of it makes me sad.

But, I’ve been really stupid about it and for that I’m sorry I’ve been sort of mean about it.

It’s hump day.



p.s. when are you going to start movie nights? i want to come.

i promise to bring lots of yummy microwave popcorn.

What are you doing for the Super Bowl?

I think Katie is having a party at her pad. Please go.

Your friends will be there.

Besides it will be a fun game even if it will be a blowout.

i’ve been into football this season and i would like to watch it.

i have $5.00 in our office pool. NEVER, ever have I ever put my name in a grid

with the hope of winning some money in every quarter of a football game.

Anyhow, stay warm and toasty.


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