dear tony,

we know you’re bummed and we want to make you happy.

we know you’re a big fan of our music and of j mascis and pavement and mike watt and eddie vedder and we have brought them all and many more to Westwood for a three day weekend and we want to entertain you.

it’s $50 for one day or $100 for the whole enchelada. please come.

we tried to get Mariah cuz we know how much she means to you, but she was busy, we tried to get AC/DC because we know how much you love them but they are recording a new record.

we tried to get your friends, Tsar, but they would wipe the stage with us, so please accept what we have to offer, which is basically just us and some very cool bands like Cat Power and Television and that super crazy Japanese noise band The Boredoms.

If you cant find a date, we’ll hook your skinny ass up.

love always,

Sonic Youth

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