train broke down at wilshire and vermont.

the train in front of us. just like last week.

this time i knew better and went upstairs at vermont and beverly and waitied for the bus.

no bus came, so i went back down to the train and waited it out.

Tall Skinny Girl was there. everyone was there. everone was waiting for the train in front of us to get the hell out of the way.

At Wilshire Vermont theres this crazy corner. i’ve told you that its an S curve that makes screechy noises when you go through it. lately theyve been going real slow through it. but for some reason this train guy who keeps breaking down through it isnt going slowly.

fucks up your day when you then have to get off the train a second time and hop a Vermont bus to the Wilshire bus and continue your commute.

makes you want to hiss at the Mexican lady selling tamales from a cooler atop a baby carriage.

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