truth is stranger than fiction and sometimes it’s nicer too.

rarely do i leave the complex to hob-nob with the working class but sometimes the invitiation is so inviting and im insppired to break from tradition and actually leave the damn house.

friday night i ventured into the Laurel Canyon just beyond Mt. Olympus to the sprawling grounds of Brian Linse who hosted such a nice sweet party that i couldn’t even believe it.

normally when the premise is that several big name web loggers are going to meet one another, the results can be scary. nobody cool writes on a blog on the Internet, do they? of course not.

but i have been pleasantly surprised in the past by what has come my way via the www and friday was no exception.

the host and all of his guests were not only as interesting as their writing, but polite, and smart and fun and more social than i expected. the nerd-factor was there but only because i was in attendence and the wine was delicious.

i can’t guarantee that i will be more social in 2002, but this was a fabulous start and it reminded me why i need to venture out more often as the universe is abundant, generally with wonderful and intelligent souls.

and what do you know, i got home before my pumpkin tuned into a snoop de ville and had enough time to play on my little computer and pass out in a smelly mess in front of the roaring fire only to be awaken by the four am thump of saturday’s paper arriving at my doorstep.

saw “the others” on saturday and was also, thoroughly impressed.

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