anna’s as hot as a muy caliente bean burrito,

and she’s playing tennis well too. Our favorite Russian beat Janette Husarova of Slovakia in straight sets Thursday 6-3, 6-4 at the Mexican Open, her best showing in years.

I think it’s cuz she switched her top to the white one and left the skort blue. She seems to think it has something to do with her backhand.

Once again, Anna, whatever.

But enough about her, let’s talk about you.

Readers of, give yourselves a round of applause. Somehow the month of February was interesting enough to you that you told your friends and you visited often and you set an all-time site record in Average number of hits in a day (8,776), Average number of visits per day (581), and total visits in a month (14,544). For the short month of February you guys hit my page 219,406 times — second only to when the web exploded in September when I got 241,282 hits.

For all of this I say to you, thank you. There is nothing more satisfying for someone who makes something than to have people look at it.

I would also like to thank Noah for his buck, and thank you to JC who has flowed his fifth consecutive buck to the Snoop fund. Fine gentlemen, both of you.

One more bit of housekeeping, I mean self-promotion, I mean housekeeping. Thank you Instapundit, MetaTalk, and everyone else who linked my eBay auction. That auction has gotten over 3,000 hits which is pretty insane considering all it is is an auction to see whose site (or blog) I will link on my blog and links page. So far the bidding has errupted to a whopping $15. You still have until 9pm PST to get your bid in, so bid early and bid often. And keep in mind the records that were set this month, odds are more than a few visitors of this site will end up on the highest bidder’s site… which is the point, no?

Anyhow, I hope you all have a pleasant weekend, and if you’re running in the LA Marathon, I hope the wind is at your back and the smog is non-existant.

Me, I’ll be trying to find a tv station wise enough to show the Mexican Open which suddenly has much interest to me.

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