it’s friday, it’s mailbag time

Dear Sonny,

ive been after this hot girl for a while, i think she likes me, but she has this habit of blowing me off. last night i call her, we talk for a few minutes, she says she has to go, can she call me back? i say yes, she never calls me back. what gives? – adam


If you’re in high school, let this be a lesson to you, if you’re out of high school, you should have learned this already. the girl isnt into you. if you were marky mark, she’d have called your sorry ass back. my advice, forget her and move on to some other hot girl. i cant say you’ll have better luck, because all girls are trouble, but theres a reason why the Good Lord populated this planet full of hotties. ps. i bet shes not even that hot.


Why doesn’t Anna listen to you and wear the white top and the blue shorts like she did in Acapulco when she was winning? – Bill


chicks have a mind of their own. who knows what they’re thinking half the time? their mothers dont know, their friends dont know. the only people who probably know are their hairdressers and they’re gay and couldnt care less. Anna lost last night in Miami in straight sets to a teenager. I think she just wants to go into acting, but first she ought to act like a tennis player.


What did Tony really take to fix his sore back? – Larry


Tony rested, he took anti-inflamatories like Advil, then he rested some more. It was a peice of cake.


Why does Tony only ask for a buck for his Snoop DeVille? Doesn’t he know that PayPal takes .33 out of the first buck that gets sent to him and then 3% thereafter? That means if he gets a buck from someone he’s only getting 66 cents. How dumb! He should ask for $1.35 from people or $2. And did JC really give him a buck every day for 14 days? – Bill


Tony is aware of the PayPal fees and doesnt seem to care. It’s all free money to him and he likes to keep things simple. And yes, JC gave him a buck every day for two weeks. And RG has just given him a buck two days in a row, which he is very very thankful. Anyhow, he’s just happy that people care enough to give.


Why is that fool doing a baseball blog. I mean, it’s so dumb! – Audrey


Baseball Blog 2002 is a smashing success. Daily readers were lucky enough to follow the ongoing saga of Jeff Kent lying about his wrist injury, a Minnesota columnist calling a state senator a weenie, and a larger than life scan of the man that Muhammed Ali just called ugly like Joe Frasier.

Miss a day, and you miss everything. Stick with it, the season is almost here.

Have a great weekend! Go see Blade 2.

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