karisa has a bad kitty

she also has a good kitty. bad kitty and good kitty are pretty crazy cats and the other day bad kitty was playing outside and got hit by a hit-and-run hollywood motorist and nearly killed the little fella.

anyone who knows me knows im not a big fan of cats. im allergic to most of them, i think they’re too smart for their own good, and they like to piss where i like to sleep.

but this little kitten/cat racked up a mighty steep bill for karisa. who knew that xrays for a little cat, and shots, and this sweet morphine patch and all the rest could total up to over $500? plus they have to go back and fork over another $700 in a few weeks to repair the three fractures in bad kitty’s bum leg. (the pink thing is its cast).

all the time people write in and say, “what can we do for you, tony?” and all i say is keep reading my stuff and being my friend.

however, if you want to throw a few bucks toward the bad kitty recovery fund, it’ll probably assure you a place in Heaven.

and who knows, maybe karisa will do a little photo essay for the site as a show of thanks.

me, im going back to bed. i dont know what i caught last night, but it’s whipping my ass.

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