ok, ok, stop with the emails.

i will have a baseball blog. sheesh.

i hadnt gotten that many emails since i first posted pictures of my haggard mug and people wrote in pleading for me to take them down.

if what i am reading is true, there seems to be a huge lack of decent blogs about anything that is not (1)about this so-called war (2)about people’s so-called life (3)about the media or (4)about bloggers writing about other bloggers.

so yes, i will do it, it will be badass, it will be comprehensive and funny and indepth and wonderful and colorful and nerdy. what i need from you, is to help it be the finest baseball blog in history. all you have to do is link it like mad and tell all your friends who love baseball and especially fantasy baseball about it.

and who knows, maybe the hot chicks who think i have a life will change their minds and find me dateable. but dont hold your breath.

Clipper Girl is working on her Masters and has been busy, and several of you wrote in this week asking about her quadracep that she popped during the LA marathon on Sunday. I’m sure she appreciates your concern, but when she checked in on me this afternoon via email she said that she spent last night drinking at the Rainbow Room till 4am. I know they’re not open that late, but when you’re Clipper Girl the rules get bent.

“i just remember jaeger shots, coronas and being carried down sunset boulevard. as i write you, my mind is spinning and my soul is beaten down….”

im sure there were celebs present but she left out those details because she knows that i would be green with envy, and those ommissions are true signs of friendship.

bottoms up, babies.

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