people say i have crazy auctions

dont miss your chance to get your hands on this amazing shirt worn in the fine film “Dirty Work,” starring Norm MacDonald and Howard Stern’s own Artie Lange. In fact Artie’s shirt from the film is on auction and as of 4:12 PST it’s up to $82.

Not bad for a dirty sweaty stinky polo shirt with horizontal stripes, best suited for a fat dude like Artie (who is much trimmer now).

I can’t imagine why anyone would want such a rag, but I have plenty of worthless items in my home that I paid much more than $82 for, like my two DVD players that showed me about 5 movies each.

Anyhow, bid away, and whoever wins the auction, I really hope they dont plan on wearing that thing.

P.S. The Bidding History is always fun to look at for odd auctions like this one.

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