i have the weirdest life

right now theres a girl barely out of her teens snoozing away in my bedroom. im sitting here at the xbi garage waiting for my flying car to get whatever it is thats causing this horrific grinding sound, and on my handheld i get a message from meesh that she wrote me last night telling me that her story is done, that she has accepted my assignment to write about her so-called life and has agreed to put a little hot sauce into the salsa by inviting fiction’s fancy friend Erotica.

so here’s the first part of a very very very long and detailed peice by our pal from the central coast.

be sure to come back after youve taken your cold shower and leave me a comment or two of gratitude.

guest blogger: meesh

It was a long, hot summer day, the kind of day where you are almost grateful you are in an air-conditioned office building.

It was Tuesday, but might as well have been Monday, and Monday might as well have been New Years Day, I was in such a daze from partying and breaking up with my no good, musician boyfriend for the last time that weekend.

I was sticky and tired, but my snapdragon was on fire from the heat and lack of stimulation.

I could feel it throbbing beneath my jeans and kept fidgeting in my big leather office chair so that I wasn’t pushing on it.

I needed a good workout and a good scrub. My hair was dirty and I was in dire need of a facial.

I stopped at home to change into my workout clothes and thought about who I could call for a fuck.

(continued here…)