got home late last night to a phone full of messages

scary bunny and generous invitations, and fortunately i Tivoed Survivor which is back to being one of my favorite shows.

you know it must be a good show if i am wanting to write about that other than talk about the invite i got to see mexican wrestling, midget strippers, and tijiuna strippers at the beautiful mayan theatre.

tonight karisa is throwing some sort of party + dinner thing, but i have a date with a tennis star. which brings up an interesting dimension of love. the kind i have for karisa.

very very rarely as i have grown olde have i found myself being “just friends” with hot babes.

i have tons of friends who i hardly ever get a chance to hang out with and even though getting new friends might be a good idea, it’s hard to do if youre a hermit superhero who either spends his evenings on the computer or meeting single young ladies of southern california.

there just isnt usually a lot of time for platonic friendships with babes.

for some reason platonic friendships with dudes makes more sense cuz lots of times those sorts of friendships take place in strip clubs and ballparks and hunting and fishing trips: places babes usually dont like to hang out in.

but karisa is the exception to many rules and even though she and i dont sit around holding hands like i might do with chris or jeanine, and even though she and i dont go to gentlemen’s clubs like i might do with some of my pals, we do find other things to do as we’re making time with each other beyond the drinking and laughing and yabbering that we often do.

i love karisa in a very deep way and i hope to be a good friend of hers for a long time. shes a magical girl, constantly searching for fun, open to all possibilities unless youre a young man trying to get some action and youre 22 or younger.

speaking of nice fellas, my man adam flowed the bus blog ten smackers. thank you adam!

26. adam

i do all of this for you all, you know that dont you?

i go on dates with hot babes for you.

i end up making out with 19 year old girls for you.

i end up not going to Mexican Wrestling with sexy adult women so i can do some sweet ass undercover shit that will help out for some even sweeter overcover shit in the very near future – for you.

i even type type type in my blog during my lunch break when i should be sitting outside in the sun like a normal person, just so that you can be entertained and informed.

i do this out of love.

a funky weird love.

probably the same sort of love St. Valentine himself had a long time ago when he had a blog.

and i appreciate it when you appreciate it back.

happy heart day america!


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