i never understood people who rode their bikes in the snow

ive never understood people who write checks at the supermarket.

ive never understood college republicans.

ive never understood famous people who get married in their early twenties.

ive never understood the chicks who have gone down on me.

ive never understood why people get palm pilots or people who get married just because they got accidentally pregnant.

ive never understood the fascination with barbara streisand.

ive never understood bus drivers who peel out when there are people running after them obviously wanting to board the bus in the middle of the night.

ive never understood why radio will play one song over and over and over again and then nothing else by the artist ever again just because their label didnt cut a new single off the cd.

ive never understood people who have lived in america for decades but still cant speak english. at all.

ive never understood this reasonably new trend that young women have where they’ll blow you but not fuck you, even if you have a condom, yet they’ll swallow, even.

ive never understood women who dress up so that other women will approve of them, sounds sorta gay to me.

ive never understood catholic priests who have given up having sex even though there isnt one word in the Bible anywhere that says that priests have to be celibate.

ive never understood people who insist on emailing me even though it’s obvious that i have no interest in communicating with them.

ive never understood half the girls who’ve liked me and half the girls who didn’t like me.

but ive always understood why the tribune corp hasnt ever gotten serious about the cubs.

it’s because the tribune corp is one of the most easilly identified sources of evil on this hemisphere.

what do we know

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