even though shes a sloppy mess

i really love courtney. how cant you?

like most strippers, she just cant stop showing us her boobies and i think that’s sweet.

thank you, courtney love for showing us your titties.

the flowage of love for the car fund is doing well right now. for that i also want to deliver up some thanks. thank you swell people!

16. sunana

17. kari

18. pete

19. gary

20. jay

i also got a sweet email from an interesting new yorker named jamie leigh.

and i got an email from jenny period who wants me to link her new blog where she says on it that she wants to meet me, but i lost the link.

oh well.

do you think i should take this car that you all chip in to get me and drive around one summer and meet everyone who flowed me?

i do.

speaking of sloppy messes, i saw that michael jackson thing last night. it made me sad for him. he’s in such a strange little bubble of unreality. it makes me want to hang out with him and let him know that its okay to mess around with the ladies instead of the little boys.

everyone wanted to play a little more as kids.

theres no reason to freak out over it for the rest of your life.

questions i would have asked michael jackson if i had done the interview:

ever watch porn?

think you have one more Thriller in ya?

do you do all this stuff to your appearance and lifestyle as a reaction to your abusive father or as an f-you to him?

have you ever felt comfortable messing around with women?

do you think that janet is messed up cuz of your father too?

why do you think that the rest of the world outside of the usa love you way more than americans?

what the fuck is up with Cubs?


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