it only took mike tyson 49 seconds last night

to knock out the black rhino, Clifford Etienne, who was ranked #31 in the world. etienne had a record of 24-1 going into the bout.

ive always been a fan of tyson’s and im thrilled that he’s not going away quietly.

im also thrilled to have gone to last night’s blogger panel, on the hills above hollywood in the mark goodson theatre at the american film institute.

i feel at home in institutions.

blogger is going down in ten minutes so i have to make this quick, like tyson, so here’s what i remember.

layne welch emannuelle heather eugene luke cathy rishawn and mickey put on a good show, and i dont know what people are saying about the merlot being bad, i drank it up and it was free and i thank whoever poured it for me.

the kids seemed to like my bald head and took pictures and made me feel good about myself, which is a pretty tough trick, so thank you. many took pictures, so expect to see them on the web throughout my campaign to become the next president of the united states. they’re pretty incriminating.

i met lots of nice people like howard owens and his lovely bride who want to hook me up with a big breasted sista in berkeley, but since i like closer to burbank, i told them they should consider my buddy over at allaboutgeorge.

i also met joh3n and his buddy and his buddy’s wife who gave me ten bucks after she told me that she had to ride the busses when she was at asu, and i told her that its not really a have-to, its a get-to in that if i cant find a ride home in someones car i can catch the bus and it allows me to drink free merlot in gatherings such as these.

last night i did have a companion who was mostly sober and totally hot and hung in there with me as we partied until three or four am over at the rabbit’s spectacular bacholorette pad about a mile north of me. the cops showed up at two but only to rub my head.

i saw charlie and his wife(?) and bassart and shannon and axel and his wife and my attorney and her wife and ben. his wife was tired from seeing willie nelson at the wiltern.

los angeles was beautiful last night and it would have been nice if you had all been there.

my advice to the next panel: less guests, no more talk about the importance of blogs, why we blog, or hits. more talk about creative processes, innovations, predictions, and breaking down boundaries.

xeni and reverse cowgirl were there too looking punk rock and being as killer as they appear on the video stream.

yours in rock,


35. dancing

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