tell me, who doesnt love morrissey?

chris called me this morning telling me she was on her way over to the westside pavillion to see the jullianne moore movie. i told her that the academy would just send it over, and she said she wanted to see it on the big screen.

i said cool, and she asked me to order the quiet american for later and i said ok.

then the phone rang again and it was a very famous fashion model.

famous in certain circles, i guess because whenever we’re out drinking and smoking people always ask her her name and when she tells them they go, “ooooooh yeah! thats right!”

of course it’s right, tourist.

she confided in me that she hasnt had sex in months. months and months.

i said what about bro?

she said, me and bro dont do it. he doesnt like to wear condoms and youve convinced me that i probably shouldnt have sex without a condom. ever.

and i was all, but i thought you…

she said, we do everything but.

i said, youve been doing everything but for this whole time?

she said yep.

and in some way i thought it was terribly sexy.

she said, i can get on top of him and totally get off fully clothed.

then i told her to shhhhh. i told her she was killing me.

then karisa called to ask me if i was getting coachella tickets.

whos playing coachella?

just the beastie boys, queens of the stoneage, the donnas, n*e*r*d, blur, blue man group, the red hot chili peppers, the white stripes, sonic youth, g love, ben folds, johnny marr, the soundtrack of our lives, and dirty vegas.

and about twenty other bands.

it’s two days in the desert on some huge polo fields outside of palm springs. $141.

chris already got two hotel rooms 9 miles away. a bunch of people are going to pack in there.

i told karisa that id pass. im too old for that shit.

she said just drop some acid or something.

i told her acid? im straight edge.

and she laughed.

she fell over from laughing so hard.

34. paul

ev’s page is still huge on daypop, but jason shellen has the pictures you’ve been looking for.

meanwhile, christopher scheer’s blog is getting some mighty impressive coverage.

what’s also impressive is the constant flow of flow into the busblog car fund. if things continue to go as they are, we’ll raise $16k in three and a half years. thats the light at the end of the tunnel. and you know what? i think thats awesome.

and finally, i agree with sarah crabtree who says that heather is a better writer than me. heather gets the quote of the week with this one that she says of her own Rabbit blog:

I write stupid shit and post it, end of story.”

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