karisa came over with a meatloaf and a bottle of brass monkey.

she’d just cut her bangs and i probably shoulda taken a picture cuz she looked pretty cute.

tight gray college sweatshirt, jeans, pink pumas, hair in a pony tail. i told her she looked like laura petrie and she said that shes too young to know about her.

the greyhounds howled and i saw two girls in a kompressor waving at me. one of them was holding up a video tape.

karisa fixed our plates as i told the girls to come back tomorrow at noon.

we put in “catch me if you can” and were so entranced that we didnt talk to each other for a good twenty minutes.

is it the brass monkey? she asked me.

no. i think this is a good movie, i told her.

then i asked her how she liked tom hanks’ boston accent and she gave me a dirty look.

nobody i know talks like that, she informed me.

she she liked my haircut. she looked at it for a long time at first, soaking it all in.

ever fondue before, she asked me.

nope. i said.

me neither, she said, and then told me about a fondue place she saw in hollywood.

earlier in the day my boss at the xbi said that he thought i should take a vacation in a few weeks.

i said that i didnt want to take any vacation cuz i had nowhere to go and no one to go with.

he said i should just chill out for a week.

i walked home thinking about what he meant by that, then nearly fell asleep on the train, and then decided at wilshire vermont to take the new rapid line up to los feliz and get a pie from the house of pies.

maybe id clean out the closets one day, paint the bathtub one day, hang out with chris one day, and just sleep and sleep and sleep the other days.

maybe jeanine would let me lay in her hot tub with her.

maybe i’ll just bowl every day.

dan + sarah + bathtub girl

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