another exclusive interview with the president of the united states


mr. president.

im not sure i liked the way our last interview went. i was hoping you would do another interview with me.

anything for the president of the united states.

thank you. we may begin. ask me a question.

ok, how come gasoline prices are still close to $2 a gallon.

there was that blackout in the east coast.

isnt the blackout over?

there was also that war in iraq.

isnt the war over?

well, tony, the president doesnt really control oil prices.

so it’s a coincidence that you are from a family that became wealthy from oil, and as soon as you became president and during your time as president american oil prices have skyrocketed.

yes, it’s a coincidence.

is it also a coincidence that vice president cheney’s former company Halliburton the energy services giant, has been the big winner in our war against Iraq, by nabbing no-bid post-war contracts from the US Army?

that too is a coincidence.

so youre saying that it just so happened that the oil president and the energy vice president wound up in a situation where oil prices went sky high and energy issues crippled the north east and nearly bankrupted california.

well, i wouldnt put it that way, but i wouldnt blame us.

who would you blame then?

these things happen.

was there a peanut shortage when president carter was in office?

im sure that if there was, it wasn’t the president’s fault.

was saddam a major force behind 9/11?

tony, im glad you ask me that. i think the jury is still out.

vice president cheney on meet the press said yes, that saddam was a major force.

the vice president and i differ in that opinion.

what else do you and the vice president disagree on?

oh, lots of things. he’s a top, im a bottom, for example.

pardon me, sir?

sometimes when we go to camp david and want to pretend like we’re kids we like to sleep in bunk beds, i like the bottom.

if saddam wasnt a major player behind 9/11, why did we wage war on Iraq?

we believed that they had weapons of mass destruction, and that they harbored terrorists.

did you find any weapons yet?

no, no we havent.

when you look back at the war on iraq, do you consider it a mistake, a failure, or a success?

well, tony, saddam is no longer in power. his sons are dead an unable to torture the good people of iraq, and one of the hotbeds of terrorism has been crushed. so i would consider it a huge success.

is the $85 billion pricetag more than you expected?

freedom is priceless, my friend. and this is a low price that the american people will be happy to pay.

are you sure about that?

the people were in support of the war and theyre still in support of me, so what does that tell you?

your approval rating since 9/11/01 has dropped 40 points, what makes you believe that the us taxpayers are in support of you?

the smart ones support me. and thats all that i care about. and lucky for me only the smart ones vote.

do you feel better about this interview, mr. president.

much, thank you for letting me have this portion of the busblog this morning.


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