I never meant 2 cause u any sorrow

I never meant 2 cause u any pain.

man i feel terrific today.

i was late for work but i dont care.

super hot chick got so dirty with me last night. id tell you more but it would make you blush.

so lets talk about taking matthew perrys picture last night.

first of all, i need a new camera.

secondly, matthew looked skinnier than i expected, but not unhealthily so.

i was there to support beyonce who asked me specifically to come to her premiere of her movie with cuba but she knows that i dont like cuba cuz i think he gives african americans a bad name because he always acts like a damn clown.

she says im too sensitive about that, and i tell her i cant help it.

so i went to the red carpet in the fans section and i waved at her and she looked spectacular in a sparkely dress that i would have liked to have captured with my canon s-40 but it likes to think before it clicks.

i need a camera that will click when i tell it to click.

i dont care what the picture looks like, just click, i will adjust it next time.

what happens is, by the time it figures out everything, the moment is gone or someone has moved in front of me or the security guards are yelling, or the lighting has changed.

i guess a man has to spend more than $500 on a good camera to get a good camera. if thats the case, then thats the case.

still i had a good time, and i walked to the subway and there was matthew perry with his girlfriend and i looped around and got my camera adjusted, or so i thought, and i said quietly so that the screaming fans who had their back turned to the Friends star couldnt hear, “matthew.”

he didnt seem to hear, so i got closer.


at these times i wonder if im saying the wrong name, i was thinking, maybe it’s matt leblanc, but hey, thats matthew too, and he turned around and gave me a look like, here i am, what?

and i clicked and the flash didnt go off and its crappy but there it is.

better luck next time.

then i got molested by a hot babe and fell asleep in a heap.

snl dude + sk smith has a crush (dont tell dan) + ken layne and all my friends are making a cd!

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